The Art of Living and Aging Gracefully Webinar with LIVE access PLUS replay

Need loving support in navigating the aging process with more ease and less anxiety?

Grow old radiantly, disease-free, and still engage fully in life by rewiring your brain for positive aging, reprogramming your cells to regenerate, and balancing your hormones.

So you age with elegance and timeless charm, redefine your Golden Years, and flourish regardless of the number of candles in your birthday cake!

What you will get:

  • Join the live call
  • Get lifetime access to the replay

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Minimum price: $26.00

Why join?

This Masterclass aims to bring results. The energy frequencies you’ll receive during the live session helps to:

  • Rewire your brain for positive aging: You begin to let go of your beliefs on aging and dying that give you fears, worries, and anxieties;
  • Clear your future timelines: Clearing energies of illnesses, sensory changes, cognitive decline, or any age-related negative experiences from your future.
  • Restore your hormones to the right balance: Protecting your body from hormone-related diseases and endocrine disorders;
  • Reprogram your cells: You begin to hold positive perceptions about aging that help reprogram your cells to regenerate, rather than decline.
  • Regain your zest for life: You embrace your Golden Years by cultivating gratitude, nurturing social connections, engaging fully in life, and finding beauty in everyday moments.
  • This session reminds you that old age is not a limitation but an opportunity for boundless enthusiasm and appreciation of the wonders of life.

PLEASE NOTE that all events facilitated by Tamra Oviatt are channeled events, powered by Source God Energy. What we tell you here is just a 10% overview of the actual magic that you will experience during the LIVE SESSION.

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