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Vagus Nerve Masterclass



  • Prevent auto-immune diseases. 
  • Keep your heart and blood cells healthy. 
  • Detox your Lymphatic System to boost immunity. 
  • Stimulate your Vagus Nerve for pain relief. 

What You’ll Get From this Session:


This session offers you: 

Disconnect From Cancer Consciousness – Clears your fears and worries about cancer. 

Activating your Lymph System – Improves immune function, detoxification, and better overall tissue health.

Blood Cells & Micro-clotting – Helps prevent diseases and disorders related to blood and cells. 

Autoimmune Diseases Deactivation – Protects you from auto-immune diseases.

Vagus Nerve Activation – For stress reduction, inflammation prevention, improved mood, and pain relief.  

Hands-on Healing for the Heart  Improves your heart health. Clears energy blockages at subconscious level. 


Here are the Activations/Deactivation you will receive to heal and open up your heart:

♡ 13 Petals Of The HeartExpand your heart to open yourself to more love and connection.

♡ Christ Consciousness/Flower of LifeGet into your heart space and connect with 5D Love.

♡ Mother Mary Give love and compassion to all. Clear judgments towards all creations.  

♡ Mary Magdalene Clears guilt, judgment, and punishment towards yourself for your choices.

♡ Bleeding HeartStop taking on people’s emotional baggage.

♡ Broken Heart Heal all your hurts and heartaches.

♡ Missing Pieces Clear the feeling of emptiness and being incomplete. 

BONUS: The Arcturian Nanobyte Technology Activation


Anytime your body feels heavy, tired, and unwell, this Activation instantly works wonders for you. 

This will clear blockages, buildups, and stagnations anywhere in your body and facilitate optimum energy flow throughout your energy systems. Help you heal on a cellular, atomic level. This also helps reprogram your cells with high-vibrational frequencies. 

This is a very powerful light code and healing frequency from Arcturians. 

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