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As one of the world’s most renowned speakers, author, and teacher, Tamra Oviatt is a vibrant personality and highly-sought-after as a global leader in the awareness of the subconsciousness of humanity here to help others heal and grow. For decades she has not only become aware through learning and teaching about the subconscious of humans, she has mastered it by working with masters and practitioners from all around the world, resulting in hundreds of extraordinary results for her clients. To make a change one must work in the subconscious. Tamra has been shown by The Creator that as well as a collective consciousness, there is a collective subconsciousness that runs 95% of everyone’s life. How we work in the subconscious, how we clear ourselves, affects the subconsciousness of humanity.

Tamra is helping achieve world peace through healing thousands of people worldwide. Tamra’s mission is to reach out the ones who are ready to transform there lives. Her aim is to clear subconscious fear, struggle and sadness. When these negative beliefs are cleared in one person, it is easier to helps transform others. Positive energy gives off strong vibrations which are also obtained by the ones around you, the power of feeling good raises our vibration to love and joy. The more each of us grows into love and joy, the more it affects our environment, moving us all closer to world peace.

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Tamra’s Story

“Growing up I was raised as a Christian and knew God healed, I attended church often with my mother. In my teenage years I had an uncle that had cancer, he became very sick and wasn’t able to receive health care. I would watch as the people at church would put their hands on him and prayed. Weeks went by and over time he was completely healed.”

“When I was 34 in 1999, I keep hearing “I’m supposed to heal, I need to become a healer”. At the time I didn’t fully believe in healing, but I heard about God’s white light.”

“One day I told God, “If you want me to become a healer, prove to me this white light exists, and show me a sign. A couple days later I was taking photos for a dating site with a girlfriend, and going through the photos there was a photo with a rod of white light touching me at my heart chakra. I stashed that photo for a long time, but that’s when I went on to do hypnosis and started teaching angel classes.”

“I did many different modalities, quantum energetics, NLP, master hypnosis, coaching, theta healing, certified certificate of science master teacher, and many more. Every time I was doing all this I kept hearing, “this isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing this is for your training”, and it was very frustrating.”

“I spend 8 months in Europe at that time. I was taught by God and many different masters who came in to teach me. I was given many different activations and I soon learned that they cleared you out of the collective consciousness and your genetics, past life, future and current life. Changing your unneeded belief systems to help you come into your power and more free and more of the creator that you are.”

“It’s been an amazing journey, I’ve had sacred activations for over 6 years now and I’ve healed hundreds and thousands of people all around the world over these years. I offer practitioner training and I currently have over 600 practitioners and teachers worldwide. It’s really helping people shift and with this, it also helps shift the collective consciousness and subconsciousness of the planet. This is my story of how sacred activations began.”

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Mastering The Masters

Sacred Activations: 26 Essential Sacred Activations To Expand Your Gifts Beyond Mastery

Tamra is the author of the International Best Seller Sacred Activations: 26 Essential Sacred Activations To Expand Your Gifts Beyond Mastery, Mastering the Masters, and Heal Yourself Heal The World. 

Heal Yourself, Heal The World


Tamra has been featured on over 100 different radio, telesummits, webinars, and events! 

Tamra was also a keynote speaker at ‘Evolving Expo’, ‘5D Events’ and ‘LA Consciousness Expo’

“I’ve just had amazing benefits from Sacred Activations, its been completely life-changing.”

Shoshanna Born

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“iv done a lot of other modalities with energy, energy medicine, different things and this is the first one that makes me feel normal, it feels like a good fit.”


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“What I really love about all this work is, that it’s not me. It comes from a higher power.”

Carol Holman

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