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Success Stories & Testimonials


“The Activations that you receive by Tamra are higher than most masters calibrated at in recorded planetary history.”

Roshelle K. LeVA, MA, L.Ac.
California, USA

“I’m incredibly blown away and know doing this work is exactly what I agree to do when I came in to this life and I’m 65!”

Renee McLaughlin
Georgia, USA

“I have realized my fears around stepping into my power and showing up. All thanks to the use of these amazing activations!”

Terry Henderson
Michigan, USA

Success Stories of some Sacred Activations Practitioners

“I cannot believe in a year’s time how much my life has shifted the people around me and my family…”

AMY Thumbnail-3

“The activations are easy, they’re quick, they work faster than anything I’ve ever tried…”

Jimmy Thumbnail-3

“I stopped taking medication for blood pressure…”

Mfalda Thumbnail-3

“I had a client who was two hours away from dying. He was in hospital and the doctor rang me and said, ‘Can you run on my patient?’ I simply ran three Activations, thinking that I was helping this person pass. I got a phone call in the morning from his wife saying that he’ll be going home next week.” 

Amanda, Sacred Activations Master Practitioner/Teacher

“I was a TV commercial model, an actress, and a singer. And had Bulimia, I had that pressure to be very pretty. When I got into Sacred Activations, I was able to release that food addiction. I was able to start loving myself because I had a tremendous self-loathing. When I became a practitioner, I won in a TV show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire. When I taught a Sacred Activations Level 1 class, a month after, I won a car. I feel so lucky everytime I take a class and teach a class.”

Maria Teresa, Sacred Activations Master Practitioner/Teacher


“I was playing one Activation called Be Your Own Healer and Tamra said, ‘Who says you can’t be your own healer?’ and all of a sudden, my face is crying…I have so many testimonies for Sacred Activations and how they’ve instantly shifted my life. So I started becoming a practitioner and did it through recordings. In the beginning, I felt it as a little bit of energy and then I listened to the rest, and my whole world shifted. It opened up my own psychic gifts, opened my abilities in reading and understanding the energies around us.” 

Sara, Sacred Activations Master Practitioner/Teacher

Feedback From A Practitioner in Japan


I had done some past life healing work, but it only had a temporary effect. Last week’s work seemed to completely heal me.
I feel lighter and my habits of depression and despair seem to have disappeared. Thank you very much.

Sacred Activations Team

I believe that this is the best modality out there and that everyone should have at least one webinar experience to see the changes for themselves.

Deborah Butterfield

I started working in Sacred Activations October last year and since then, a lot of inner shifts have happened to me.

Rosarie Lubay

What a magical life it has been since I started working for Tamra.

Joan Mahor


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