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Brain in Balance Webinar


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Brain in Balance: Activate and balance your right and left brain
This Activation balances the right and left hemispheres of your brain, so they’ll work together to help you function at your best and reach your maximum potential. This also strengthens the less dominant side of your brain, helping you attain a left-right brain equilibrium. Receiving this energy helps you improve your whole brain’s ability. 

Our brain is made up of two hemispheres that work together, but when they work together in a balanced way, you will:

  • Have better cognitive performance;
    Increase your overall mental and emotional health;
  • Improve your focus, mental clarity, and awareness; and
  • Develop a deeper level of insight, intelligence, and creativity.

Fear of your Shadow: Are you afraid to meet your Shadow Self?
Are you always running away from the dark parts of yourself? What traits do you have that you hate so much, that you push back and deny, that you are ashamed of? Are you now ready to face your shadow, acknowledge and understand it, embrace it, and give it compassion?

Our Shadow Self is the part of us that we try to reject, deny, and push back, because it represents everything we fear and everything we are ashamed of. It holds those traits that we try to hide because we are conditioned to believe that those traits are unflattering and undesirable, and we are afraid to be judged, criticized, and ridiculed. It carries those human emotions and impulses that we are told to repress. 

This Activation helps you overcome the fear of your shadow. This allows you to understand, validate, accept, and embrace your shadow, seeing that your Shadow Self is not the wrong and inferior aspect of your personality. 

Receiving this sacred energy helps you heal, grow, and evolve exponentially. 

Universal Birthright: Claim your birthright as a universal being
We are not just citizens of this planet. We are universal citizens where we are not separated by borders, colors, races, religions, and cultures. As universal citizens, we have equal birthrights. 

This Activation expands you to your universal birthright and changes all the contracts you have on planet Earth, along with the belief systems and programs that go with those contracts. This energy is so expansive and freeing, allowing you to live into your universal birthright as a being one with the Source. 

Heal your Future Self: Clear unwanted experiences from your future self
This Activation helps clear your future self from diseases, failures, suffering, or any unwanted experiences that you might have subconsciously placed into your future timelines because of the belief systems and conditioning you picked up in the past when you were younger, especially in your formative years. 

Some people believe they’ll catch a particular disease sometime in the future because they believe it runs in the family. Or some people believe they’ll experience difficulties and discomforts when they get pregnant in the future because of all the belief systems about pregnancy symptoms they’ve picked up from their families or from the people around them. 

This energy helps you to clear your future from created traumas and dramas. This is a very powerful clearing that can bring major shifts in your future self. 

Gene Activation: Rewire your genes for vibrant health
Our genes can be manipulated and can be affected by both positive experiences or negative influences. However, the science of Epigenetics has shown that we can reprogram our genes and through our emotional states, we are able to affect gene expression.

This sacred energy assists you in clearing negative influences and genetic manipulation from your genes, and at the same time, reprogramming them to create changes within your body and bring dramatic physical results. 

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