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Brain in Balance Webinar



  • Build a healthier mind. 
  • Reprogram your genes.
  • Attract future positive experiences. 

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This session offers you 5 Power Activations to boost your body, mind, and soul wellness. Each Activation is recorded separately. Listen to each of them at your own convenience.

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This session offers you: 

Fear of your Shadow – Help you understand, validate, accept, and heal the unwanted parts of yourself. You start loving yourself again and feel good about yourself.

Brain in Balance – Balances the right and left hemispheres of your brain. Help improve your concentration and mental performance. 

Gene Activation – Reprogram your genes for health. Address any gene-related health issues. Help boost your mind – body wellness. 

Universal Birthright – Activate your birthright as a conscious creator of your life. Help you become more intentional and mindful in your choices. 

Heal Your Future Self – Clear your future self from diseases, suffering, and unwanted experiences. Help you attract more positive future experiences.

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