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Overwhelm and Mental Health Masterclass



  • Relieve daily stress. 
  • Reduce overthinking. 
  • Set healthy boundaries. 
  • Keep a healthy state of mind. 


If you’re diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, and other mental health problems, this healing session serves as a powerful complementary medicine that you may receive along with traditional Western Medicine and Psychotherapy. 

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Improve your mental health much quicker using these Activations and Deactivations. 

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This session offers you: 

Deep Energy Clearing & Emotional Release – This gives you relief from mental and emotional symptoms of anxiety and depression. Helps improve your daily productivity and focus. 

Total Body Connection – This grounds and reconnects you with your body. Helps ease your body’s stress response, reduces muscle tension, and calms your nervous system. 

Subconscious Programming & Upgrade – Rewire your brain for positivity. Helps you focus more on what brings you joy. Plugs you back into the present moment. This naturally helps you stop ruminating. 

Here are a few of the many Activations you will receive:


  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Brain in BalanceBalance your rational and intuitive brain
  • Defragmentation and Laser Focus Increase mental clarity and focus
  • Not Your Doormat Reject anything less than you deserve
  • Godhead – Stop overthinking and trust your intuition
  • Vagus Nerve Activation Improved mood and emotional regulation, increased resilience to stress, and pain relief
  • Nervous System Upgrade Form new neural connections in your brain
  • Heaven on EarthCreate calm and peace within
  • Universal Life’s Grid Protect your energy from external influences


  • Overwhelm
  • Weight of the World
  • Bleeding HeartStop taking on people’s emotional baggage
  • Prison Planet Release feelings of oppression, imprisonment, and lack of control over your life

And A Whole Lot More!

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