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Overwhelm and Mental Health


Clear your mental clutter by receiving Activations and Deactivations channeled from Universal Source, so you wake up everyday with a healthier state of mind, ready to live fully and radiantly!

This healing session is designed to bring results. The healing energy frequencies and codes that you’re going to receive will help you to:

❥ Declutter your mind and free up your mental space – improve your mental well-being, emotional resilience, and overall quality of life.

❥ Manage your overwhelming thoughts and feelings – reduce overthinking, emotional stress, and mental anguish.

❥ Cultivate a sense of peace right where you are – plug you back into life in the present moment and bring your focus more on what you can control, what matters to you, and what brings you joy.


If you’re diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, and other mental health problems, this healing session serves as a powerful complementary medicine that you may receive along with traditional Western Medicine and Psychotherapy.

Activations/Deactivations included but not limited to:

  • Godhead
  • Total Body Connection
  • Overwhelm
  • Weight of the World
  • Brain in Balance
  • Defragmentation and Laser Focus

*** Please note that all events facilitated by Tamra Oviatt are channeled events. What we tell you here is just a 10% overview of the actual magic that you will experience during the LIVE SESSION. As this session will be powered directly by Source God Energy, we can’t tell you what will truly happen until it’s over.

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