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Talking To Your Organs Masterclass



  • Get relief from body pain and tiredness. 
  • Detox your Lymphatic & Blood System.
  • Unblock and Rebalance your 13 Chakras.
  • Rejuvenate your whole body at cell level. 

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Connect with your organs and clear the stored beliefs and emotions that are negatively affecting their functioning and well-being. 

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This session offers you: 

✦ In-Depth Full Body Clearing & Rejuvenation 

This hands-on healing helps ease any organ-specific pain and discomfort.

Renew your organs at cell level, most especially your heart, brain, liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, intestines, colon, thyroid eyes, joints, and skin. 

Clear the beliefs and emotions each of these organs are holding. Open your intuitive connection with your organs. Help release the weights trapped within your body– stress, tensions, fears, old wounds, traumas, sickness, and deep-seated beliefs.  

✦ Vagus Nerve, Lymph System, and Blood System Activation – For Improved immune function, detoxification, pain relief, and inflammation reduction. 

✦ Fruit of Life Sacred Geometry 13 Chakra Balancing — Help you feel lighter, healthier, more alive, and more grounded. Clear, rebalance, and align your energy centers for more emotional stability and mental clarity.

✦ Activating Your Kundalini – To support emotional release and physical healing, revitalizing your whole body and spirit.  

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