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Life Review Masterclass



  • Address your fears and unhealthy patterns.
  • Manifest and create your desired Future Self. 
  • Open the channels to your intuition. 
  • Access your soul gifts.

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A one of kind sacred healing masterclass that takes you into the spiritual realm to change your life’s narrative EFFORTLESSLY!

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This session offers you: 

✦ Inner Child Healing – Address your deep-seated childhood wounds (Guilt, Abandonment, Trust, or Neglect Wounds). Connect with your inner child. 

✦ Subconscious Programming & Upgrade – Rewire your brain for better relationships. Helps break toxic relationship patterns. Stop you from being codependent. 

  GUIDED MEDITATION: Attracting the love you deserve. 

Listening to this Guided Meditation raises your vibration to pure, unconditional love. Amplify the love frequency within you. Expand your capacity to love and be loved. Support in setting intentions to attract individuals in your life who can mirror this kind of love. 

In this higher space, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Receive deep healing and upgrades
  • Release fears and doubts
  • Remove manifestation blocks
  • Break unhealthy patterns
  • Access your soul gifts
  • Open your intuition
  • Find a renewed sense of purpose

Relisten to this Meditation for faster energetic shifts and breakthroughs. 


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