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Food Belief Masterclass



  • Let go of food guilt. 
  • Heal food addiction.
  • Upgrade your immune system.
  • Make conscious food choices that honors your body. 

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Cultivate a guilt-free and healthy relationship with food by using these Activations and Deactivations. 

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This session offers you: 

✦ Deep Body Clearing – Clears side effects of prescription drugs from your body.  Rebalances your gut. Clears food allergies. Improves your digestive health. 

✦ Hands-on Healing with Organ Rejuvenation Activation — This promotes cellular repair and improves organ function.  Helpful for any organ-specific symptoms and discomfort.

✦ Clearing Your Timelines – This process helps prevent food- related illnesses and diseases. 

✦ Subconscious Programming & Upgrade – This changes your food beliefs and eating habits.  Stops your food addiction. Helps you adopt new eating habits. 

NO MORE long list of rules revolving around the foods you can or cannot eat based on toxic diet culture or popular diet trends. You’ll follow what works for you. 

You’ll begin to engage in mindful yet flexible eating that prioritizes your pleasure, nutritional needs and wellness, so you can enjoy each meal WITHOUT guilt or restriction.

Here are a few of the many Activations you will receive:


  • Disconnect From Disease Consciousness
  • Gut Brain Connection
  • Immune System Upgrade
  • Digestive System Upgrade
  • Heart Health
  • Gut Flora Balance
  • Vitamins & Minerals Activation
  • Total Body Connection – Grounds and reconnects you with your body
  • Free Your Genetics (From food-related diseases and illnesses)
  • Prana Activation – Energizes your body and boosts your vitality
  • Temple of God – Recognize the divine spark and greatness within you


  • Anger and Resentment At Your Body
  • Addiction to Sugar, Fast Foods, and Junk Foods 
  • Food Allergies 
  • Addiction Redirection (Food)
  • Judgment Release (Food)
  • Cruel Cruel World 

And A Whole Lot More!

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