Glass Ceiling & 5 Other Activations Masterclass Live and Replay

Value: $300.00

Experience the magic of these 6 Activations/Deactivations! A Live Healing Webinar to help you strip the beliefs and perceptions that promote fear, limitation, and judgment.

What you will get:

  • Join the live call
  • Get lifetime access to the replay

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Minimum price: $26.00

This high-frequency LIVE HEALING EVENT is designed to reprogram the beliefs and patterns that you don’t need to carry forward, so you start to gravitate towards the things that leave you feeling full, empowered, and at peace.

Each Activation/Deactivation is recorded separately, so you can listen to each of them anytime you want. Everytime you re-listen to the same Activation, you’ll experience another level of energy shift.

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