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Intuitive Abilities Webinar Package



  • Activate the psychic centers in your brain.
  • Move from 3D to 5D Awareness and higher. 
  • Connect to your Star Families. 
  • Open your channel to the spiritual realm. 

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This session offers you 5 Power Activations to open and master your intuitive gift.  Each Activation is recorded separately. Listen to each of them at your own convenience. 

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This session offers you: 

✦  Alchemy of the 3rd – 11th Dimensions

This helps you deepen your spiritual connection and accelerate your ascension to 5th Dimensional Consciousness and higher. 

When you start to vibrate at the same level as 5D Frequencies (or higher), your thought forms, beliefs, and patterns that don’t resonate with it dissolve. This makes room for more positive and higher light energies to enter your life. 

✦  Starseed

This Activation opens your connection with your Star Families. Helps remove your fear of connecting with extra dimensional beings. 

Also helps you discern who you are connecting with, so you will only open yourself up to those who have pure intentions of helping you in your ascension.

✦ Godhead

This activates the Psychic Centers in your Brain – the glandular centers in the brain: the pituitary gland, pineal gland, hypothalamus, and the medulla oblongata or the Godhead. 

Helps you experience better communication with your Higher Self, spirit guides, angels, and the Source. 

✦ Galactic Federation

This brings you into an elevated state of consciousness, so you’re able to receive, interpret, and understand messages and information from higher vibrational star beings. 

Connect you with your Galactic Spirit Guide Team through dreams, signs, synchronicities, meditation — however works for you.

✦ Stargate Activation through a Guided Meditation.

This is light and higher frequency from Arcturus that connects you to doorways that open into different higher states of consciousness and dimensions. 

This opens a channel for your spiritual guides, the Ascended Masters, and off-planet beings of light to communicate with you, activate your gifts, give you healings, or send you loving energies. 

Each time you listen to this meditation, you’ll have a different experience as your energy frequencies change and rearrange. The more you tune in to this frequency, the more you upgrade your energy system. 

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