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Money Blueprint 3 – Your Place in the World



Over 80 Activations/Deactivations to remove your money blocks.  

  • Change childhood money beliefs. 
  • Heal your relationship with money. 
  • Go from scarcity to abundance mindset. 


This series consists of 4 sessions of deep energy clearings and subconscious work. 

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This clears your abundance blocks on all levels and sparks a lot of mindset shifts and financial breakthroughs!

Money Blueprint - Your Place in the World (3rd Session)

This session offers you: 

Over 30 Activations/Deactivations to rewire your brain to invite new money frequencies into your current reality.

    • Releasing Fears 
    • What’s Stopping You
    • Debtor’s Prison
    • Glass Ceiling
    • Labels and Boxes
    • Lack and Limitation
    • Caste System Money
    • Caste System Men & Women
    • Slave Mentality
    • Anger and Resentment Towards the System
    • Suffering To Be Close To God
    • Grief, Sorrow, and Sadness Deactivation
    • Blaming God
    • Pain Deactivation
    • Healthy Boundaries
    • Not Your Doormat
    • Bleeding Heart
    • Self-Judgment
    • Being Safe To Have Money
    • Disciple’s Return
    • Sacred Power

Clearing the beliefs:

    • Money Is The Root Of All Evil
    • There’s Not Enough Money To Go Around
    • Manifesting Takes Too Much Energy
    • I Have A Hard Time Maintaining High Vibration
    • Money Is So Much Responsibility
    • AND MORE!

Subconscious Upgrade

Installing prosperity programs into your subconscious mind.

  • Pizza Order
  • Allowing the Flow of Money
  • Trust, Respect, and Loyalty Activation
  • Happy Happy Joy Joy
  • Temple Of God
  • It’s Safe to Shine Your Light

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