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Money Blueprint 4 – Your Spiritual World



Over 80 Activations/Deactivations to remove your money blocks.  

  • Change childhood money beliefs. 
  • Heal your relationship with money. 
  • Go from scarcity to abundance mindset. 


This series consists of 4 sessions of deep energy clearings and subconscious work. 

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This clears your abundance blocks on all levels and sparks a lot of mindset shifts and financial breakthroughs!

Money Blueprint - Your Spiritual World (4th Session)

This session offers you: 

Over 35 Activations/Deactivations to get yourself into that flow state where your channels are open to receive unlimited abundance.

    • Geometry of an Angel
    • Abundance Gene
    • Selling Your Soul
    • Soul Contract Illusions
    • Trickster Programs
    • Wake Up Call
    • Fear of Being Who You Truly Are
    • Unmasked
    • Universal Birthright
    • Heaven And Hell
    • The War Inside
    • Angels and Demons
    • Heaven On Earth
    • Disciples Return
    • Collective Church
    • Caste System World
    • Disconnect From False Prophets
    • 13 Petals Of The Heart
    • Fruit Of Life
    • Higher Heart
    • True Love For Yourself
    • True Acceptance For Yourself
    • Open Heart
    • Your Awareness Of You Activation
    • Earth Angel
    • Selfless Love
    • Mother Mary
    • Christ Consciousness
    • Buddha Compassion
    • True Awareness
    • Alchemy of the 4th – 7th Dimension
    • Tree Of Life/Moses Code
    • Standing In Your Power
    • Being In The Flow

This is the space where you step into the full expression of your magnificent self, the space of being perfect right where you are and who you are — this is your strongest connection and alignment to riches and opportunities. 

No limits. No barriers. Just a tremendous sense of well-being, joy, love, and the knowing that you are always provided!

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