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Manifestation Masterclass



  • Remove your biggest manifestation blocks.
  • Adopt a new manifestation mindset.
  • Match your energy vibration to your desires. 

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This session offers you: 

In-depth Energy Clearing & Subconscious Upgrade – Help you make your life effortless and easy. This process rewires your brain to manifest what you want automatically. Changes your beliefs and mindset that cause your desires and intentions to take so long to manifest. 

Vow of Poverty Deactivation – Help you attract money. Dissolve soul contracts, agreements, vows, and oaths that block your abundance. 

Sacred Geometry Guided MeditationThis gets you into vibrational alignment with your desires. Activates Sacred Geometry in your energy bodies. Listen to this everyday – you’ll be surprised at how quickly the Universe will respond to your manifestations.

Here are a few of the many Activations you will receive:

Sacred Geometry Activations

  • Lord Metatron Activate your DNA and raise your vibration instantly
  • Moses CodeActivate the Tree of Life in your body. Open up your channels of inspiration and creativity
  • Avebury/Stonehenge Open your psychic abilities.
  • Seed of Life Speed up your manifestation
  • Pillar of Light You as the light connecting to the God Source and Mother Earth


  • Vow of Poverty
  • Playing It SmallLevel up your life and stop playing small
  • Struggle to Survive Move out of survival mode
  • Caste System Money Release money judgments and comparisons
  • Not Good Enough

And A Whole Lot More!

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