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Money Blueprint 1 – You Before Life


VALUE: $320
Week 1 Money Blueprint –  YOU BEFORE COMING TO EARTH ​

This is a 4-week brand new channeled Masterclass tailored to radically shift all aspects of you, including your financial destiny in connection with your soul purpose and soul gifts.

You will get:

  • Get the Week 1 REPLAY

In this session, you’re going on a journey deep into your soul and step into your “before life”. What is your soul’s original programming and design before you incarnated to Earth?

You’re going to access your Blueprint that contains all the wisdom and tools to lead you to true fulfillment and abundance on all levels of your being.

You’re also going to clear your Blueprint from the blocks, restrictions, karmas, programs, and other deep-rooted negative energetic patterns that keep you out of alignment with your soul mission.

How does this session radically shift your life?

 You find what you’re meant to do in this lifetime – You discover your soul’s highest aspirations, gift, creativity, brilliance, and power.

♥  You reconnect with your soul purpose, allowing you to create goals that are in alignment with the highest life your soul yearns for.

♥ You become aware what experiences, activities, and courses of action expand your energy and what constricts it, so you start making new positive empowered decisions and choices that are true to you at soul level.

This Masterclass is a deep multi-dimensional healing opportunity, an energy-based subconscious and soul work to access, activate, and clear your Blueprint programming, lining you up with the highest path that best fulfills you in this lifetime, so you can truly co-create your most flourishing and abundant life.

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