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You are not a victim. You never have been. 

The second you get it, your whole life turns around. 

This understanding is a huge one. It’s a breakthrough moment. It’s the moment you wake up to your true power. 

The power to recognize that every moment offers a choice. 

The power to stop seeing life as a series of things happening to you and start seeing it as things you can make happen. 

The power to become a conscious creator, capable of influencing your path and shaping your experiences. 

You are not a victim. 

It wasn’t denial of the pain, the injustices, or the tears that had watered your pillow night after night. 

It was a bold refusal to accept the notion that you were powerless. 

You see, to live as a victim is to surrender to a narrative written by circumstances, by others, by your own fears.

It’s easy to feel like you’re a victim when things fall apart, like you’re on this wild ride, and all you can do is to hold on for dear life, hoping not to fall off. 

Believing that you’ve got no say in what happens next – no control, no choice, no agency.  

That’s not true. 

You’re not at the mercy of the world around you.  Yes, you can’t control everything that happens to you. 

But you’ve got a voice, a choice to respond differently, and the strength to rise, to adapt, and to grow, and to overcome. 

Your thoughts, your attitudes, your reactions – those are yours to command. 

You are not a small, powerless being. You are part of the universe’s creative force itself. So step into your divine role as creator. 

Recognize your power. Recognize that you are so much more. Recognize your inherent capacity to shape your life and your world. 

Move from “Why is this happening to me?” to “What can I learn from this?” or “What can I create from this?”

Now, I’m not saying it is easy. It’s not. It takes practice, patience, and a whole lot of self-compassion. But the beautiful thing is, you can start small today. 

Yes, there will be days when it feels like you’re making huge strides and days when you feel like you’re back at square one. That’s okay.

One day you’ll be standing at the top of the hilltop, looking back at the path you’ve just climbed. It was steep, rugged, and there were times you thought you wouldn’t make it. 

But here you are. All those struggles were behind you now. 

As you look back, the journey that once seemed merciless and unforgiving now makes perfect sense. And you wouldn’t change a thing, because it has brought you to where you are now. 

And the choice that changes the trajectory of your life?

It’s the moment when you refuse to be a victim.

Always remember, life is not happening to you. It is happening for you, through you, and with you.

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