Removing the Negative Energy: Channeling Sacred Activation

You need not get caught up in the programs and negative energy surrounding the world right now.

Stop it. Disconnect from it. 

You are like a computer and you only have rooms for so many programs. 

Create exactly what you want. Release the shock and trauma. Eventually, you are going to find yourself more peaceful and able to hold that space, to stay in your Center.

Your energy flows into peace, love, joy, happiness, health, and abundance.

Why do I do what I do?

God told me to tell you God will personally be clearing out all those negative subconscious programs so that they no longer control your life. And I’m really excited that I had total goosebumps before coming on. 

I’ve been told to really share with you that I am a direct source channel. I channel the Octarians. I channel the Lira. I channel God. I channel Lord Metatron. 

The first time I did that was in 2009. I was told to go to this world-sourcing event. I told them, “God told me I had to come here and I’m going to be channeling.”

They let me on stage. I channeled from Archangel Michael and Chung, my spirit guide. 

I got up on stage in front of a room full of people and channeled and brought in all these messages, and I just kind of panicked. I have been fighting being categorized as a freak for years, so I’ve been fighting this gift.

My vision for my life growing up was to be a mom and a housewife. It was never to be world-known. When I started getting known, I freaked out and started sabotaging it. This wasn’t my desire. But I’ve seen images of me in front of hundreds of thousands of people. I was told I must do something more and bring my gift to the world.

And now I’m ready.

What makes me different?

I am not the only one who can channel from different beings, I know that. But unlike the others, I don’t just bring information. I also bring the powerful healing modality that changed people’s lives and can change the world.

In addition to channeling information, I also channel healing. I believe that there are people who channel healing from aliens. However, it is not on the scale of what I do. 

Directly channeling from Source Energy brings pure healing to those I work with. With sacred activations, there’s only one rule: You can’t misuse the energy. 

Sacred Activation isn’t like any other modality out there. There’s nobody doing what I’m doing. So are there other gifted people that channels out there? Absolutely. There are others and they’re good. But I don’t want to be known just for channeling. I want to be known as someone who changes subconscious programming and transforms lives for the better. 

What can I do to help you?

These are just some of the programs I can help you get clear of so you can live a life free of chaos, one that is full of peace, love, joy, and abundance:

  • Black Magic Puppet Master,
  • Distraction Implants,
  • Fake Prophets,
  • Fake Friends,
  • Fake Information,
  • Illusion
  • Negative energy of human sacrifice- the need to sacrifice yourself, your life, and your joy for your income,
  • Disconnect from the mind control,
  • War of the World,
  • Being controlled by other planets, other species, aliens,
  • War planet

Whatever you wish to call the division on our planet – I am here to help you free yourself from that and take back control of your life.

You are truly magical, but you don’t realize it. Most people don’t utilize their abilities. And that’s what I try to teach you, to use your tools while you’re here in the game on earth. 

I have the gift. I’m ready to share it with the world.

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