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We are an open community of thousands of people from around the world, from all walks of life, coming together to affirm, empower, inspire, and support one another in our journey to attracting, manifesting, and creating our truest, best life. We are centered on spiritual growth, positive transformation, and creation. In this group, we sow a vibration of light, love, and beauty, we spread healing, we seek connection, and we aspire to be the force of peace in the world.

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Tamra created this community with an intention to help you navigate through your own spiritual awakening. She will share a lot of resources that will help you become a high vibrational person you are intended to be. Everyone in the community will be there to support you as you heal and  learn to let go and release the old you, as you rise above your normal 3D experience, as you realign with your deepest spiritual desires and purpose, and as your consciousness goes through a big shift. This is the space where you and others navigate this journey together! 



The Great Awakening: Live Your Best Life

forum celebrates your creations and manifestations, however small. Here we believe that YOU are a divine powerful creator who is intended for greatness and magnificence. Here we set our hearts on making a difference to each other’s lives and to the wider Earth.


To hold a space for everybody throughout their spiritual awakening journey.


To empower, inspire, and support each other in the creation of their best life.


A heaven-on-earth for everyone.
So, share your stories and experiences with us, invite your friends and colleagues, and get involved in this community. Let’s bring forth our creative power together!
It takes just a few moments to sign up.

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Things Get Worse Before They Get Better
Alchemy of the 5th Dimension
Glass Ceiling

Disconnect from War Consciousness

Universal Life Grid

Caste Family System
I Am a Big Deal
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