The higher your vibrational frequency, the more magical your life will be.

Imagine living your everyday life feeling lighter, happier, and more at ease. Isn’t it amazing when we see joy and love flourish everywhere just because we are vibrating their frequencies? In that place of soaring emotion, it’s easier for you to step into your power and experience greater clarity, calm, inner wisdom, and faster manifestations. 

However, vibration is a state that is constantly changing. Our vibrational frequency shifts with our moods, thoughts, activities, personal choices, environment, or the people we are interacting with. When we are vibrating at a lower frequency, it feels dark and heavy, and we feel stuck on fear, anxiety, and problems. 

But there are several different ways to elevate our vibrations. When we engage in thoughts, feelings, and activities that are of higher vibration, we naturally match that vibration ourselves. 

Below are 100 ways to raise your vibration for attracting and manifesting amazing experiences. Whenever you feel down and heavy, return to this list and choose one or two easier ways to lift your vibration. Or make these high vibe activities part of your daily ritual. So, bookmark this page, and let’s vibe higher!

  1. Cultivate Gratitude. Start your day with gratitude affirmations. Keep a gratitude journal. Mentally thank someone or write a hand-written “thank you” note. Or cultivate gratitude with prayer. 
  2. Breathwork. Breathe deeply and slowly to create feelings of openness, inner calm, and clarity. 
  3. Practice mindfulness. And make it a habit. Take time to pause and experience everything around you with all of your senses, without your interpretation or judgment. 
  4. Meditation. Even just for 5 minutes each day. 
  5. Cultivate a generous heart. Offer your expertise. Volunteer your time. Give more compliments. 
  6. Take a daily walk. A regular brisk walk has a positive impact on your mood and sleep quality. 
  7. Use empowering affirmations. To control negative feelings such as frustration, anger, or impatience. Using positive daily affirmations encourages an optimistic mindset. 
  8. Focus on positive thoughts. Practice positive self-talk. 
  9. Spend time in nature. Make it part of your lifestyle. So, go on a picnic. Go for a hike. Explore national parks. 
  10. Eat more healthy, sustainable food. Add organic or plant-based in your diet. Studies have found that healthy diets help you to have fewer mood fluctuations. 
  11. Make your favorite treat. And share it!
  12. Regular exercise. Move your body every day. 
  13. Take a yoga class. And turn your at-home yoga practice into a ritual. 
  14. Read self-help and personal development books. Let reading become a form of self-care. 
  15. Listen to uplifting music. And experience it on a deeper level. 
  16. Listen to a motivational/inspirational podcast. While getting ready in the morning. On the commute to and from work. When doing mundane chores. 
  17. Sing your heart out. Or enjoy karaoke with your friends at home. 
  18. Play an instrument. Or learn how to. 
  19. Dance like nobody’s watching. Dance your way to a higher vibration. Dancing pulls you out from a negative downward spiral. 
  20. Watch motivational videos or funny movies. Comedy movies are natural pain killers. 
  21. Get creative. Paint, sketch, draw, or doodle. Raise your vibration through the creative process. 
  22. Plant flowers. Fill your home with house plants. 
  23. Use crystals. Wear them. Sprinkle them throughout your space. Or incorporate them in your self-care routine. 
  24. Declutter your home. A tidier space makes you feel calmer, happier, and more in control. 
  25. Hang out with your furry friend. Just a 10-minute interaction with your pets lowers the stress hormone cortisol and increases the feel-good hormone oxytocin. 
  26. Do something that makes your family happy. Surprise them with a gift. Or express your affection and warmth. 
  27. Give more hugs. This releases the cuddle hormone oxytocin. Give someone a squeeze and you feel your mood lift. 
  28. Give a kiss. Like a hug, it also amps up your happy hormones. 
  29. Spend time with positive people. Because happiness is contagious! 
  30. Spend time with children. There are life lessons we can learn from them, like noticing the beauty of little things. 
  31. Disconnect from technology regularly. Make tech-free time part of your daily routine and plan more non-digital activities that bring you joy. 
  32. Take a social media break. Turn off notifications. Limit your access. And reconnect with the real world. 
  33. Say “NO” to everything that brings you down. Set healthy boundaries. Be assertive but courteous. 
  34. Appreciate everything. Your health. Your home. Your job. Happy hours. A good meal. Your good neighbors. Positive feedback. The list goes on. 
  35. Find the good in every situation. Find the optimistic viewpoint in a negative situation. 
  36. Find the good in every person. Nobody is all bad. Understand that everyone is a soul having their own experience, trying to make sense of the world. 
  37. Cultivate a high vibe healthy relationship. Communicate openly. Work through disagreements. Actively listen and feel heard.
  38. Practice a random act of kindness. Help a stranger. Smile at someone who looks sad. Or give someone the benefit of the doubt. 
  39. Make a vision board. To make your dreams clear and to provide you motivation. 
  40. Detach from the outcomes. With faith and trust. Pay attention to what is at hand right now. 
  41. Get outside your comfort zone. It builds your self-confidence and develops your inner strength. 
  42. Find a new hobby. Find an activity that will make you forget about your day. 
  43. Learn a new skill. It opens doors to new possibilities in your life. 
  44. Learn a new language. And have fun! It’ll also improve your memory. 
  45. Write a poem. It helps you stay in tune with your thoughts and feelings. Poetry is therapeutic. 
  46. Watch the sunrise or sunset. It’s a little slice of heaven. 
  47.  Go stargazing. And experience the beauty of our natural world. 
  48. Drink water. Based on Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments on water, water conducts energy and changes depending on what the intention is. Send loving intentions on your glass and drink up.
  49. Get a relaxing massage. It will leave you feeling calm. 
  50. Get plenty of quality sleep. Stick to a sleep schedule. Relax and clear your mind in the evening. 
  51. Receive some form of energy healing regularly. To clear energetic blocks and have a balanced energy flow throughout the body. 
  52. Try essential oils.  That calming effect of aromatherapy!
  53. Do a smudge or burn incense. It can literally banish negativity at home. 
  54. Smile and laugh often. Releases neurotransmitters like dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin – all “feel good” chemicals in our brain. 
  55. Enjoy a deep conversation with someone with an open mind. This leads to greater feelings of connectedness and enjoyment. 
  56. Be respectful with everyone you come in contact with. Be polite. Be considerate. Honor others’ feelings, opinions, and properties. And say “please” more often. 
  57. Don’t talk ill of others. Is there any point in gossiping about others?
  58. Stop the blame game. Own your part. Release the blame by taking responsibility for your feelings and choices. 
  59. Stop guilt-tripping. Yourself and others. It just builds significant strains and emotional distance. 
  60. Quit complaining. And start living. 
  61. Steer clear of negative news. Watching news contributes to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. 
  62. Do a mental detox. Start by being mindful of your thoughts and emotions. 
  63. Look into the mirror and tell yourself “I Love You!”. You deserve it!
  64. Stop worrying about what others think. Focus on what matters. 
  65. Never compare yourself to others. Just water your own grass. 
  66. Get real with yourself. Live unapologetically! 
  67. Seal off our dissatisfaction. Find a way to fall in love with yourself and your life again. 
  68. Replace fear with faith. Don’t use your energy to worry. Use your energy to believe. 
  69. Replace anger with love. When you’re angry, try repeating a mantra for love and happiness. 
  70. Create a goal list. And take one tiny action every day to achieve them. Improve yourself by 1% every day. 
  71. Set an intention for the day every morning. The daily intention will raise your emotional energy. 
  72. Leverage the Law of Attraction. To open yourself up to magic. 
  73. Use visualizations. It will activate the creative power of your subconscious mind. 
  74. Look at pictures of places you want to travel to. A new study has found that looking at photos of nature is a natural stimulus to calm you down when you feel bothered. 
  75. Be aware of the vibrational levels of those around you. Don’t get sucked into the negative emotions of others. Create a resilience bubble around you. Or bring positive energy into the interaction. 
  76. Stop procrastinating. To avoid higher levels of frustration, guilt, stress, and anxiety. 
  77. Reprogram your subconscious mind. Spring cleans your belief systems.
  78. Balance your chakras. To function at their best, your chakra needs to flow freely. 
  79. Swim or spend time in the water. It’s healing. 
  80. Walk on the beach barefoot. You’ll feel a high level of tranquility. 
  81. Eat out with your friends. And enjoy this moment with them. 
  82. Dress up for yourself. This is a confidence boost. 
  83. Hold a baby. They are the purest thing in the world. 
  84. Spend time with animals. They’re just beautiful. 
  85. Do something that brings you joy every single day. Make joy a daily experience. 
  86. Soak up the sun. Get that warm hug feeling when you’re outside on a sunny day. 
  87. Slow down your days and your life. In a fast-paced, busier, and more hectic world, be the one who enjoys his meal and savors his coffee. 
  88. Take a short relaxing nap. Research shows that one power nap can increase your patience and efficiency. 
  89. Create something artistic. Crochet a blanket. Craft beautiful decor. Make a photo collage. Learn to do DIY projects. 
  90. Express yourself. Keep a diary. Start a blog. Share your inner thoughts just as powerfully and authentically as you can. 
  91. Let your imagination run wild. It’s not bad to daydream once in a while. 
  92. Savor good memories and positive emotions. Savoring increases the intensity, duration, and appreciation of positive experiences. 
  93. Be spontaneous. When you are, you’re happier, more flexible, and more creative. 
  94. Make time for yourself. Don’t forget self-care. 
  95. Make love. Connect to your partner on a deeper level. To be spiritually intimate is beautiful. 
  96. Keep an open heart. Engage your shadow and follow your bliss. 
  97. Find inspiration. Through arts, music, nature, and random moments. 
  98. Find your purpose. To create a sense of meaning and place in your life. 
  99. Connect to a higher power. With higher power, you’re never alone.
  100. Reflect on your daily accomplishments. Don’t miss the chance to celebrate your little wins!

Raising your vibration through Sacred Activations.

A regular energy clearing has a huge impact on raising your vibration. It clears the negative energies in your energy field, releases energetic blocks, and balances the chakras. 

What makes the Sacred Activations different from other forms of energy healing is that it does more than just clearing energetic blocks and balancing energy centers. It also reprograms your beliefs, thought and emotional patterns, and past conditioning (collectively called your “subconscious programs’) into something positive and empowering. 

Sacred Activations is a metaprogramming modality that will continue to correct, remove, overwrite, and upgrade your subconscious programs until you shift into the best version of yourself. This sacred energy is powered by Source Energy and it knows which aspect of your Self needs to heal and which part of your life needs to change. 

It does not only work on your negative emotions and disempowering beliefs, it also works on clearing the collective consciousness programs you are plugged into. Collective fear and anxiety are huge in our world. There are activations that help you disconnect from these collective low vibrational frequencies. 

In conclusion

Commit to raising and maintaining your high vibe every day. A high level of vibrational frequency has a massive impact on your overall well-being. It also attracts more positive experiences and opportunities in your life. To live in a high vibe and feel its magic. 

“The universe is asking…Show me your new vibration, I will show you miracles.”_ ANONYMOUS


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