Get centered in your power amidst the global turmoil

There’s intense energy everywhere in the world right now. As chaos is spreading across the globe, it is important to stay centered and grounded, so we will never get sucked into a spiral of these denser states in the collective consciousness. 

The collective consciousness is a powerful vibration and highly contagious. It is the combination of all the accumulated beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words, and actions of every individual who has lived and is living on this planet. 

As we are sending our energy in the collective energy field, it is also sending energy back to us, making it easier for us to plug into that collective reality we hook our attention to, whether we’re conscious of it or not, because it’s everywhere around us, so powerful that giving it just a minute of our attention will plug us into its energy.

And right now, the collective fear, anxiety, and rage are so massive that when you are hooked into it, it’ll bring you a wave of intense overwhelming emotions. All the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings of those people who are already plugged into it will pull you and connect you more into its collective grid. 

When this happens to you, you automatically vibrate the frequency of that group consciousness, throwing you out of alignment with your true best self, making you feel unsettled, anxious, angry, frazzled, overwhelmed, or all other low vibe emotions and dense energies. 

Below are some ways to disconnect and unplug from the waves of collective energy that are bringing you down. Unplugging from the collective consciousness is very important in this time of global turmoil, so you will never get drowned in this negative collective energy. 

Commit to finding your peace amidst the unrest that is happening in the world right now by learning how to unplug and maintain a healthy detachment from all the dramas out there. 

Identify and manage your own emotions

To handle the wave of energy coming from the collective consciousness, you must know how to handle your energy first.

Emotional awareness is a skill that helps you to recognize, understand, and acknowledge your feelings. Being aware of your own emotions allows you to identify and separate your emotions from those emotions you pick up from others. 

Always ask yourself on a moment-by-moment basis, “How do I feel?” and “How do I know that what I’m feeling right now is mine?”

To become emotionally aware, you must observe which thoughts and actions cause you to feel a certain emotion. Learning to spot the mental and physical cues of your emotions helps you to identify what you feel at the moment whether it is yours or not. 

If it’s yours, allow yourself to feel it without judgment. Then work through your emotion by expressing it in positive ways. 

If it’s something that you can’t put a finger on, it may be because you’re feeling the collective energy. Then choose to center yourself through breathwork, meditation, or engaging yourself in self-care activities. 

Having the skill to manage your own energy is one way not to overwhelm yourself with what’s going on around you. 

Be selective on what you pay attention to

Energy flows to where your attention goes. 

Every day, we are bombarded with more and more information. Information we hear, see, or read from the media, from the news, from our family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, social groups, neighborhood, online community, spiritual community, our city, country, and the world — we are drowning with information vibrating in different bandwidths of frequency. 

Whatever information or idea you focus on expands and intensifies. This does not only apply to the information you consume, this also includes the groups and communities you are part of and spending time with. Because you are plugged into the collective energy of the people you are always interacting with – your immediate circle and the communities you are involved in. 

To truly disconnect from the collective consciousness, it is imperative that you control the information and the people you give your focus on. Your frequency vibrates in correspondence with your attention. And the more you give emotional investment to particular ideas, information, or people, the more intense the energetic connection you have with them. 

So, be aware and be mindful of what you pay attention to and who you are exchanging your energy with because they can largely impact and influence your emotional and mental health. Unplug from the media, set boundaries with others, focus on things that are serving you. 

Control your own energy through awareness, attention, and focus. In this way, you’ll be able to disconnect from the collective consciousness that is constantly exhausting, depressing, and overwhelming. 

Practice a loving detachment

Loving detachment stems from love-based emotions like compassion, openness, understanding, and kindness. It is having thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the world without getting hooked. Detachment with love means we let go of our desire to control and change people, outcomes, and results, and refocus our attention towards ourselves. 

When you are lovingly detached, you choose love instead of anger, you choose compassion instead of criticism. When you see violence, poverty, injustice, and war, you don’t go ranting angrily about it, you instead choose to send love to the victims. 

You know that feeling rage and anger at those ugly things you are against will just feed more negative energy to them. When you are against something and you approach it from the place of hate and anger, you are just adding more energy to its existence. 

With loving detachment, you don’t turn to a righteous anger or righteous indignation, because you know that it will just contribute more negative energy to the group consciousness and cause distortions and confusions in your own field of awareness. 

Practicing loving detachment in your life disconnects you from the negative emotions in the collective energy field. So, let go of your anger to those external circumstances that are beyond your control. Catch yourself when you start plugging into the collective anger, hate, and rage. 

Instead, refocus on your inner world, on vibrating peace, joy, light, and love. By sending these positive vibrations out to the universe, you are already creating change to the planet. 

In conclusion

Disconnecting from the collective consciousness is not something you can do once or twice a week, it is something you should do on a daily basis, like brushing your teeth or washing your face. 

The collective is such a noisy place to be, with a lot of conditioned narratives going on. And the collective energy spreads powerfully, pulling you into much denser states of consciousness, causing you to feel distressed, overwhelm, or feel cyclical patterns of anger, fear, laziness, and emotional exhaustion. 

When you plug into the thoughts and emotions of the collective, you’re putting your energy in different places. You become off-center and out of alignment with your own truth and intuition. Unplugging yourself from all of these collective dramas must be a part of your daily life, so you can find inner peace and harmony within the chaos. 

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