Conscious Creation - Week 06 - Clearing All Levels Masterclass


Welcome everybody – This is going to be a major class! I am wearing my crown –I am the queen of peace.

We are going to be collapsing all the sub programming around being a victim, that victim hood. The level One – Life just happens to you, and you have no control.

Second level- you manifest, third level – you channel and fourth level – you are everything.

When I popped into Level four it freaked me out a bit. Not ‘freaked me’ out really – I was calm, but every time I called on anybody it was like “Everything is inside of you!”

So having to deal with your own stuff is a process, instead of asking for help, and knowing you are creating everything.

So this class is going to be a process – nothing happens straight away, but we’re going to collapse all the subconscious programming about being a victim.


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