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Conscious Creation – Alchemy of the 6th Dimension (Gratitude) Masterclass


Move past the 5th Dimension.
Bring in your manifestation abilities!

Part 1 – Teaching

Begins by asking all to connect into their heart, then expressing gratitude for each one and the opportunity to be with each one.

Then shares about everyone around the world waking up.

There’s no need to stomp in the streets or fight for justice… it’s all about inner peace, our awakening, and our mastery.

This class is about gratitude and every day should be about gratitude… gratefulness.

Tamra shares a story about herself getting the dengue flu in Mexico. Several days after it began she was filled with symptoms. Went from traditional doctor to a holistic doctor. She asked him why this had happened. His reply was that she needed to connect with her, “I AM.” She got it! Suddenly she denied the disease and it changed… and everything changed.

From this she shares that the programs of disease suck you into them and twirls you around. Then she asks, “What are you going to do with it? Are you gonna let it keep sucking you in, or are you going to stand up and say, “Fuck you! Not my game. Not my experience. No, thank you.”

She expresses immense gratitude for that experience of illness. She realized that she chose it… created it, and sees why people create sickness. This experience gave her real compassion for people who are sick.

Then relates another personal account, which leads her to ask the questions:

Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Why is it so important to do what you’re doing?

What are you getting out of it?

How is it serving you?
How is it serving the world?

What is it that you’re in (in your life) that makes you realize that you need to get back into your power? Stand in your power. Say, “I’m not doing this. I unplug.” You have the power to do that. Exercise that power every day, even if only a small amount.

She relates that over the past few years she’s been going with whatever happens as opposed to living consciously in a state of manifestation. It’s time to do so. There are so many programs that can suck you in and make you spin, keeping you from manifesting more in your life.

Talks about taking control and bringing that energy in every day and how to do that. Begin to focus on the gratitude for what you’re able to create.

This is a very powerful initial half hour of this webinar.

Part 2 – Taking Time for GoalsUse this segment every day for the next 30 days. Spend a couple of minutes and write down six things that you desire to create in your life… better health, more clients, fun experiences, trips, whatever it is. Take five minutes and write it down.

Part 3 – Alchemy of the Sixth Dimension activationMost of us live on the fifth dimension, but we can pop in and out of the sixth dimension where you create instantly. Wants each one to work on increasing this ability every day. With great power comes great responsibility. You have to keep your thoughts clear and positive. You’ve got to watch your thoughts.

This activation will bring in your manifestation abilities.

Part 4 – Running Alchemy of the Sixth DimensionDuring this activation, Tamra talks so the activation can be used again and again be each one. This activation is incredibly powerful.

Part 5 – Final Teaching SessionTamra begins by pointing out the our jobs are to be the best each of us can be.
Don’t let the world get you down.
Don’t get sucked into the programs.
Don’t go in the dryer. Get out.See the power you have within you to create anything.
We’re not here to save the world. The world doesn’t need to be saved.We’re all waking up to who we truly are… master beings playing here.Every single thing you do, every single day effects the whole.To create:Bring it in through all of your chakras, and plant it into Mother Earth.
And there’s nothing you can’t create. You are in charge of your life.

Take 30 days to focus on what you wish to create in your life, then report back to the group.

She asks each one of the class to commit to one thing they will work to create in the next 30 days, and asks each one to make the statement out loud.

For the remaining few minutes the class shares with one another and Tamra.

Tamra expresses gratitude for everyone as she closes the class and announces the upcoming classes.

This is section 3 of The Conscious Creation series.  It is possible to watch this week alone OR why not watch the whole 12 sections as a bundle?

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