Sacred Activations

Improved My Intuition and Saved My Family

Patricia was drawn to Sacred Activations because she was ready to create personal breakthroughs. She came to me with a desire to expand her intuitive gift and little did she know that she was meant to experience MORE. 

She wanted to improve her intuitive aspect and was astonished that in the process of doing so, another aspect of her life was healed, as is often the case when you receive an Activation. 

I initially gave her the Activations Lord Metatron, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Original Light Language, Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension, and Avebury/Stonehenge to amp up her intuition, but I saw that she needed to receive the Family Constellations Activation, so I ran the energy on her without asking about her family history. 

Do you know a few days after our session she told me that her son and daughter, who  hadn’t spoken to her for over two years, had reached out and reunited with her?

We learned that family strife blocked her intuitive potential, so she was healed from that first, then things fell into place. 

After she witnessed the shift with her children, Patricia continued to incorporate Sacred Activations into her life and never stopped; she took the webinars, re-listened to the recordings every time she needed them, and even joined my very first Sacred Activations Practitioner’s Training. 

Patricia emphasizes “The process can be scary, even overwhelming as you release your old unhealthy energy patterns and integrate the new ones, but KEEP going. Trust Tamra. It works.”

She is now a Certified Sacred Activations Master Practitioner and Teacher who has published 3 books, channels Light Language, offers Vibrational Frequency Alignment, among others. Starting from being my student, Patricia has now become my colleague. 

Like Patricia, you’re drawn to Sacred Activations for a bigger reason – your personal breakthrough is nearer than you imagine. You’re here because you’re ready. Make a commitment to get into the game and it opens you up to major breakthroughs, like Patricia and thousands of others. 

You have received the FREE 7 ACTIVATIONS, listen to them as often as you need, because as Patricia said, every time you play the Activations, another level of frequency shift occurs, and before you know it, the course of your life changes forever. Who knows, yours will be the next story we’re going to share. You can start your new path today!

“Everytime I play the Activations, another level of frequency shift occurs.”

Patricia Walls, Sacred Activations Master Practitioner and Teacher, author of Feeding the Wolf Within, Conscious Enlightenment and Expansion, and Galactic Frequencies of Light

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