Christ Consciousness(Flower of Life): Connect to 5D unconditional love


This energy connects you to Christ Consciousness, which is pure unconditional love of the 5th Dimension, filling your heart with gratitude, peace, love, and pure bliss. This shift into higher consciousness enables you to manifest more easily and quickly.

Christ Consciousness is a Sacred Geometry Activation that activates the Flower of Life in your body.

The belief system about Jesus coming back to Earth represents us, humanity, connecting into Christ Consciousness. It is not the man, the icon, that will come back; it is us connecting to 5D Christ Consciousness, so we are able to create our Heaven on Earth.

When you receive the Christ Consciousness, you are bringing the energy from your head space into your heart space, allowing you to:

– Drop all your present beliefs and ideologies and start brimming with pure love, peace, and happiness.
– Create miracles in your life through your manifestations and creations.
– Be in a state of non-judgment and unconditional love for yourself, which enables you to extend that love to others.

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