Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension: Release your 3D beliefs


This Activation releases you from the belief systems of the 3rd dimension which are based on fear, anger, shame, and other lower vibrational states of emotions.

The 3D State of consciousness holds the perspectives of lack and limitation, duality, separation, and suffering. People in the 3D matrix of reality operate from fear, are hardwired for survival, and live with ego-based identity.

This Activation disconnects you from 3D belief systems and connects you to Christ Consciousness (pure unconditional love) of the 5th Dimension and allows you to perceive the truth that serves your highest good.

3D beliefs that this energy will clear you from:

– Victim mindset
– Scarcity mindset
– Illusion of separation and duality
– Fear-based thinking


To benefit the most from this energy, only listen to this Activation when you’ve done the first 12 Activations (Foundation Activations).

If you haven’t done the Foundation Activations first, your mind will find it difficult to shift into higher consciousness.

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