Moses Codes: Activate your Tree of Life


This Activation repairs and activates the pathways and lights up the power points of the Tree of Life in your energy field. When activated, it makes a major shift in your body, mind, and soul, freeing your creative spirit and igniting your divine spark.

Third Foundation Activation.

Tree of Life forms a sacred geometric grid in the auric field surrounding your physical body. It symbolizes your personal growth, uniqueness, and individual beauty.

This Activation puts back the pathways of the Tree of Life together (if they are broken) and awakens its power points, allowing the energy to flow through all of it.

When your Tree of Life is activated and in flow:

– It facilitates your healing, manifestations, creativity, spiritual awakening, and integration.
– If you’re a writer, an artist, or whatever your creative pursuits are, it helps you achieve a state of flow and focus in what you’re doing.
– It shifts your vibration into higher frequencies, allowing you to claim your creative power, trust your intuition, and follow your own path.

***A lot of clients notice that their ageing process started to reverse when they receive this Activation.

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