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An Inspirational Message from Tamra Oviatt

Take a second to really dig deep: Do you truly feel safe with money?

If you were to imagine earning or receiving a substantial amount of money, would the thought make you feel entirely calm, or would there be a slight sense of fear creeping in?

The fear that you could lose it all. 

And where is this fear coming from? Everywhere — from news headlines, social media feeds, or even family talks. 

We are practically fed with stories of banks in trouble, market crashes, economic turndowns, or individuals losing their life savings in the blink of an eye. 

With all this noise coming at us, it’s tough not to feel a bit on edge about our financial security. 

These messages affect our relationship with money. 

What’s more, it makes us cling tighter to the belief that our security and sense of safety are directly tied to the numbers in our bank accounts. 

We’re taught to seek stability in the tangible, in the quantifiable—in money. 

Isn’t it in the subtle pressure to choose careers based NOT on passion or purpose, but on potential earnings?

This conditioning runs deep.

Think about it: money, as we all know, is transient. It can come and go, affected by factors often beyond our control. 

If our sense of security and safety is anchored to something so volatile, can we ever truly feel safe? 

The answer, quite simply, is no. 

Money is a tool, not a crutch. 

A tool to be used wisely, to build, to create, and to enrich your life, but not as the sole foundation upon which your security is built. 

The foundation, instead, must come from within. It means cultivating a sense of self-worth and inner abundance that are independent of your financial status.

When you detach your sense of security and safety from money, you free yourself from the fear of losing it. 

Your sense of security becomes intrinsic, unaffected by the fluctuations of your bank balance. 

That is the key to feeling truly safe with money. 

And as you build this internal sense of security, your relationship with money begins to change. 

You begin to make financial decisions from a place of trust and clarity, not fear and desperation. You learn to live with abundance, regardless of the numbers in your accounts. You become rooted in a foundation far stronger than any financial storm can shake.

This might sound counterintuitive in our material-driven society.

But inner security is what lies at the heart of feeling safe with money, and beyond that, finding that deep down peace in life. 

Let us remember that abundance starts with feeling secure within yourself.

It’s about knowing, deep down, you are always provided for. 

You are part of a generous, supportive universe that provides for your needs in ways you might not always immediately recognize.

 This shift in perspective opens many opportunities for you, and this is exactly how money starts flowing in.

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