It takes inner work to become a manifestation powerhouse.

Suppose you have created your intentions and set them using specific and positive affirmations. You visualize them. You feel aligned. You feel excited. You even made a vision board, a future box, scripting, and all other manifestation techniques. 

Then you wait. 

You wait, then wait, then wait some more, and nothing happens. Not even a little sign. Then your hope and excitement starts to fade. You feel frustrated because you’ve been trying to manifest for awhile, but it doesn’t come to fruition. You feel stuck in your manifestation journey. 

If manifestation hasn’t worked for you yet, I want to tell you that you have NOT failed. People tend to assume that maybe they did something wrong in their process when their manifestation isn’t coming. The truth is that being a manifestation powerhouse requires inner work, self-reflection, and practice. 

The only reason why your intentions fail to manifest quickly is that you have a resistance that you probably don’t even realize and are aware of. Resistance takes the form of subconscious programs, beliefs, or emotions that are inconsistent with your intentions. 

To manifest fast and effortlessly, you actually need to do inner work and a little self-contemplation to get rid of any resistance that is preventing you from being a successful manifestor. 

There are quite a few reasons why your manifestations are not working yet, some of which are already familiar to you: limiting beliefs, “lack” mindset, low vibration, desire not clearly defined. But here I highlight those 3 big manifestation blocks or Law of Attraction resistance that keeps you away from manifesting your desires.

Attachment to Outcomes

Let go – one essential step of the manifestation process where most of us fail. 

Sometimes, we are too focused on the end result, so wrapped up in how things should happen, and get so worked up about our manifestations that we forget the NOW, that we forget to live in the moment and to enjoy and be grateful for what we already have. 

Being too attached to your manifestations is a needy emotion. It’s one way of telling the Universe that you’ve never had what you desire. Neediness is the last emotion you want to send out when you are trying to manifest. Because the more you cling too hard to the outcome, the more you push it away. 

There are millions of different ways that you can get what you want. Sometimes, it manifests in ways you’ve never expected. Stop trying to make your desire happen in your own way because you’re just resisting the natural flow of the Universe and its process.  

Letting go tricks your subconscious mind that you’ve already attained your desires, that you’ve always had it while holding on means that you are in a state of “want”. Letting go doesn’t mean you will totally forget your manifestations. You will still put your intention in it, but without a feeling of too much attachment to the outcomes. 

Once you release your intention to the Universe, let go and stay out of the details, focus on your own joy, create more fun in your life, let the magic do its thing. Remember to remind yourself to be mindful throughout the day. In this way, you’re telling the universe that your desire is as good as done.

Impatience and Lack of Trust

This goes hand in hand with the first one. 

We all desire instant gratification. We all want to experience the fulfillment of our desires right after we ask for them. When we want it, we want it now. Waiting is painful. Waiting is hard. 

But, the more you want your manifestation to happen fast, the more you keep it from happening. Impatience sabotages your vibrational alignment with your desires. Impatience sends out an impression of lack to the Universe. 

When you become impatient, you’re telling the Universe that you don’t have what you want and you want it right now. We become impatient when we are met with silence, when there’s not much movement in the way our lives go. Then this impatience will spiral down to lower vibrations of fear and doubt as we wait for our manifestations every single day and there’s not even a sign that it’s coming sooner. 

To truly manifest your desires, you need to trust the Universe that it won’t let you down. You need to trust in the positive outcome and in the right timing. Cultivate a childlike faith – it does not doubt, question, or seek logical explanation, it just believes. When you trust that your manifestation is coming your way, there’s no room for you to be impatient. When you surrender your timelines to the Universe, you no longer have to wait because you believe it’s already there.

Impatience happens to all of us when we are manifesting, but the last thing we want to do is to feed more negative energy into it by beating ourselves up over it, by getting angry for feeling that way. 

Simply acknowledge your impatience and resolve to get on your track by trusting the process and creating a feeling of certainty in your ability to manifest what you want. 

Inaction and Procrastination

Manifestation is co-creating your future with the Universe – a two-way job between you and the Universe. Manifesting energy cannot work within the same field as inaction, procrastination, or neutral action. Sometimes, you need to take inspired action aligned with your desires to move forward. 

This is not about working too hard to get where you want. This is about doing something that really gives you positive feelings, not doing something out of desperation. Inspired actions are those that come from the heart rather than the head. They are those small and big steps that truly make you happy. These are the actions that don’t feel like work. 

Sometimes, inspired action can be scary and requires you to step outside of your comfort zone. But once you’ve conquered the fear, you feel wonderful and more inspired to take more action. 

These aligned action steps that bring you joy, excitement, and enthusiasm will attract the next steps and direct you further in the direction of your desires. 

When you are in the right energy, the Universe will bring you opportunities, ideas, or signs, but nothing will happen unless you act on those. 

Take note that the kind of action you need to manifest your desires is inspired action, not forced action. Forced action gives you a feeling of fear and desperation, a feeling that when you don’t do something, you might not get what you want. 

So act AS IF you’ve already reached your goals, bathe in the feeling of joy, abundance, health, of love. Focus on those good feelings and cross each of your goals off, however small, as you work through them. Before you know it, you’ve already had what you want for so long.  

In conclusion

To manifest miracles instantly, it’s necessary to clear yourself from any needy emotions and subconscious programs that sabotage your manifestation process. 

Surround your intentions with positive emotions, but detach yourself from the outcomes and stop waiting for it to happen. Why wait when it’s already there, when you’ve already claimed it. Instead, focus on joy, gratitude, and trust. Your belief and vibration, along with your inspired action, is your own manifesting superpower.

The first step to becoming a manifestation powerhouse

Do your inner work
Successful manifestors work on themselves first before setting an intention to achieve their biggest dreams. They make an effort to correct their mindset, change their belief systems, shift their energy, and identify their manifestation blocks or resistance. 

You can’t attract what you want when you have subconscious programs that limit and hinder your manifestations. The basic principle of manifestation is to first shape your emotions, beliefs, and attitudes into alignment with your intentions and desires, then take inspired action.  

Inner work brings awareness to your conscious and subconscious mental and emotional patterns, so you’ll be able to recognize and identify your manifestation blocks and work on overcoming them. 

Clearing your manifestation blocks with Sacred Activations
Sacred Activations will make your inner work easy for you. Sometimes, there’s one part of your mental life that is out of sync with your intentions, and you don’t even realize it because it’s in your subconscious. 

Sacred Activations will clear these subconscious blocks or resistance for you. These sacred energies will program whatever beliefs and conditioning you hold there towards the attainment of your highest good. 

It will continue to work on you until you are cleared from your resistance. So, you will naturally make choices and decisions to focus on the present moment, on what brings you joy and gratitude, rather than focusing on the outcome of your manifestations and constantly waiting for them to happen. 

In Week 5 of the Great Awakening series, you will be cleared from the programs, beliefs, and emotions that impedes your manifestation journey. During the session, you will bring your desires to the 6th Plane of Consciousness where manifestations happen INSTANTLY. 

Truly, you are much more capable of manifesting than you think you are. Just work on clearing your blocks first and you will be your own genie.   


The Great Awakening
Week 5- The Art Of Manifestation

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