We often tell ourselves that what we have isn’t enough, what we do isn’t enough, and what we are isn’t enough. Do you know what is more self-defeating than this “not enough” mentality? It is when we believe it to be true. It is when we accept it to be real. And then we go on living our lives wishing that we could have been more, that we could have been better. 

How many of you believe that your skills and abilities are not enough to pursue that high-paying job you always dreamed of? How many of you put yourselves down because of your self-talk that borders on lackings and perceived inadequacy — I’m not good enough, I can’t be this, I can’t do that, I don’t have that? 

If I ask you right now with the question “Do you feel enough in all areas of your life?, how long does it take you to answer that YOU ARE?  

Unplugging from “not enough” mentality

This negative self-talk of lack and limitation is just in our heads. It is just an illusion, but you choose to make it real by believing it so. Lack and limitation exist in your life because that’s how you perceive it. 

Your beliefs become your reality. If you constantly think that you’re not enough, then there’s no way that it won’t manifest into your life. If you put the vibration of lack and limitation out into the universe, then you will attract experiences that align with that kind of vibration, making your beliefs more real to you. That’s how lack and limitation are shaped into your world. 

What will happen if you shift your mentality to abundance, confidence, and power, that there are so many opportunities waiting for you out there, that you are more than enough, and that you are powerful enough to receive everything you asked for and manifest everything you desire. Imagine how your life would be if you unplug yourself from that ‘lack and limitation consciousness’ that locks you in. 

So, work on your mindset. You’ll be surprised how much magic your mind holds. Your subconscious mind takes 95% command of your life. It runs your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and choices. Your mind decides your reality. 

If you change your mindset into something that empowers you and you release all your self-limiting beliefs on lack and limitation, you’ll begin to manifest opportunities, abundance, and success into your life.

The question is “How can you remove those limiting belief systems from your subconscious mind?”. How can you get rid of your negative automatic thinking patterns? Do you have the right motivation to break old habits and build new ones? 

The proven and effective method to change your subconscious beliefs is to reprogram your subconscious mind. You probably heard a lot about subconscious reprogramming. It is giving your brain a new direction, a new focus, a new pattern, thus creating new neural pathways that will become the blueprint that determines your choices and life experiences. 

Reprogramming your subconscious mind through the power of Sacred Activations

Truly you can change your reality by reprogramming your subconscious mind. And subconscious reprogramming is what Sacred Activations do! 

Powered by the Source Energy, Sacred Activations will clear out those negative subconscious programs and replace them with empowering and enabling programs and belief systems that allow you to become all that you are capable of, to achieve your full potential, and to create the life you want. 

Having said that, Sacred Activations can therefore help you break free from your “lack and limitation consciousness” by releasing all the programs of lack, limitation, inadequacy, insufficiency, and poverty from your subconscious mind. 

And the work doesn’t end after you will receive these sacred energies. These energies are intelligent and they will keep clearing you for days, weeks, months, even years, rewriting and upgrading your programs in an upward spiral. This is how metaprogramming your biocomputer works. Sacred Activations will continue to rewrite your programs for as long as you reach that highest level of consciousness. 

So, you can just go to your day like you normally do and good things start happening. You’ll notice that your life becomes easier because those old negative subconscious programs you previously have are now replaced by positive ones. You’ll notice that you become motivated, empowered, and ready for life with your newfound confidence, self-esteem, and power. 

You see, the key to an abundant and successful life lies within you. You don’t need to seek help from powerful figures out there, because you’ve already got what you need. YOU. 

Stepping up your game

If you want to break free from the “lack and limitation” consciousness, Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love is a powerful opportunity for you to receive tons of Sacred Activations that will clear you from your self-sabotaging subconscious programming. 

It is a life-shifting video series that helps you reprogram your mind to abundance, confidence, and success. 

From the third part of this series, Lack and Limitation is an Illusion, you will learn that you can have everything you want RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. What you’ll learn from the 3rd series of Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love: Lack and Limitation is an illusion:

  • How different people experience life.
  • Everything is here and available for us!
  • Whatever energy you feed into is the energy that you will experience in your life.
  • It’s your perception of what the future is going to hold and what life will be like that actually creates the experience you will have.
  • Do you have a “why bother” attitude or belief system?
  • Are you aware of the lack and limitation you are plugged into on an unconscious level?
  • Whatever you expect is what you will receive, so start observing your life and your thoughts and how they are connected.
  • Honor and love your life experiences without comparing yourself to others.
  • You can choose to learn through positive experiences or through negative experiences.

“Not enough” is truly just in your head. Lack and limitation are just your assumptions. Change this consciousness and you’ll experience wonder, magic, and a life filled with endless opportunities. 

“Lack and limitation can only exist when we make room for them in our mind”
-Bob Proctor


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