We are like computers. Our internet is the collective consciousness and the subconsciousness of humanity. Our belief systems and thought patterns are programs downloaded and installed into our subconsciousness. Our operating system is how we lead our lives. 

We CAN reprogram our subconscious programming by upgrading our software, that’s our mindset, or by downloading and installing new programs; meaning, getting rid of our thought patterns and belief systems that don’t serve us and replacing them with programs anchored in abundance, connection, joy, peace, and love. 

Everything is in our head

You know what they say: mindset matters. How many times in a day do we plug into fears — fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of loss and separation, fear of who we really are. We often think that our fears, troubles, and struggles seem endless. We always carry that lack mentality within us; and I am not only talking about money here, I’m also talking about lack of self-worth, confidence, and power. 

Well, guess what, all of those are JUST programs and energies downloaded and installed to us by the society and community we belong to, by the media, by the collective. Many of us are not aware that we are saying YES to all of those negative human experiences. 

But programs are just programs. We can upgrade them. We can uninstall them. We can get out of this conditioned mind matrix. We can totally unplug from the programs of pain and grief, disconnection and war, ill-health, lack and limitation, and life dissatisfaction. 

Everything is up to us

If you think that you are too insignificant to affect change in the world, think again, because you CAN change the world, like a droplet that can create a ripple in the still waters.

How? It all starts from YOU. Remember that you are part of the whole. We are all connected. When you heal yourself, you heal the planet. All you need to do is to work on yourself, to clear and release yourself from those gunks of a program that is so ingrained in your subconscious mind. 

When we clear all those limiting belief systems and negative energies and we start to radiate peace and love, health and abundance, we spread these positive vibrations to the people around us, to the world, to the collective consciousness. What we create for ourselves, we create for the world. 

The first step? Be aware of your own thought patterns and belief systems. Be aware of the programs that are installed in your biocomputer. Be aware of the energies you are putting out. Because what you put out is what you attract. And what you put out is what you spread. Remember that. 

How can we take this first step?

There are many healing modalities out there that can equally change and shift your life. Sacred Activations, however, is a unique and powerful modality that works directly on your subconscious programming. These are energies that are channeled from the Source Energy. There are hundreds of Sacred Activations that can change your thought patterns and belief systems and reprogram your subconscious mind into love, joy, peace, abundance, health, and connection. 

When you receive these Activations, the energy will continue to run through you over the next few days, weeks, and even months. They will continue to upgrade your software. And you will begin to see the shift in your operating system, in your life. 

Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love, is a POWERFUL 12-part series designed to transform your life in ways that you’ve never imagined. Here you will receive Activations and Deactivations that will clear and shatter the long ingrained mind programs you grew up with. 

Here are the 12 Topics from Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love that will help you disconnect from this crazy mind matrix we find ourselves stuck in:

  • Clearing Your First Incarnation
  • Clearing Age 0 to 7
  • Lack & Limitation is an Illusion
  • Deactivate Mind Control Vibrations
  • Disconnect from Disease
  • Deactivate Your Beliefs About Death and Aging
  • Walk-ins
  • Higher Self & Sacred Geometry
  • Galactic Over Soul
  • Universal Over Soul
  • Other You
  • GodHead

Let world peace and human happiness start from YOU. Take the first step by getting out of the programs that lock you and limit you. Set yourself free. Choose your own downloads. This is how we create heaven on earth. 


The Great Awakening
Week 5- The Art Of Manifestation

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The Great Awakening

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