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2024 and Beyond: The Time for Manifestation & Creation
A Channeled Message From Tamra Oviatt

A new consciousness springs forth.  Are you ready to play full out?

Welcome to 2024! You’re here, stepping onto the most breathtaking time in your life. It is the time when your dreams and desires unfold faster than you can ever imagine. The time for you to be an unstoppable conscious creator. 

2024 isn’t just another year; it’s an open invitation to manifest from your heart space. To attract great experiences that your heart desires. To create changes you wish to see in yourself and the whole world. 

It’s time to focus on what truly matters to you. To focus on the magnificent vision you have for yourself. To focus on manifesting all those little and big things you want to enjoy in your life. 

Take a moment each day to connect with your dreams. Feel them, feel the excitement, the passion, and the joy that comes with them, put energy into them, and trust that they’re already yours. 

The more you focus on your dreams, the more they become a living, breathing part of you. What you focus on expands, and you then become a magnet, drawing those dreams closer to you with much ease.

When you get sidetracked and distracted by what’s happening out there, ground yourself back to the present. Your focus and intention are your superpowers. Mind where you direct your energy; and spend it where it matters. 

There are so many games out there that do not serve you, but you do not have to play those games. Seriously, you don’t. You get to decide which games to engage in and which ones to simply let go. 

Check-in with yourself throughout the day: Are you focusing on lack or actively engaging in the practice of gratitude? Do you speak to yourself with compassion or with shame? How do you respond to the fear and chaos thrown at you: with anger or with love? 

The fight isn’t out there; it’s within you. Don’t give your energy to the war you see outside of you. JUST SEND IT LOVE. That’s all you have to do. 

That’s how we can win. That’s how we can completely create a new consciousness. It’s through you. It’s through the 1% of us who choose love, instead of fear, every single day. 

Because where you choose to pay your attention makes all the difference. 

You see, 2024 is a time to co-create a new collective consciousness of peace, love, abundance, health, and happiness. The more you focus on these energies, the faster your life changes and the faster you attract experiences that naturally bring you more love, joy, peace, and abundance. 

And when your life changes, the whole planet changes, too. 

This year is also about trusting it all. It’s time to put faith in your journey ahead. Trust the universe, trust your fellow humans, and mostly, trust yourself. Trust in that incredible power within you to create the life you want. 

We’re now evolving at a quicker pace. Every year, the energy is going faster and faster. Your focus is very important at this time. 

So, find even small reasons to be grateful. Find moments to squeeze joy into everyday life, whether it’s watching the sunrise, playing your favorite song, or relaxing in a bubble bath. Joy isn’t reserved for grand adventures or big milestones; it’s right here, in simple moments. 

And most of all, find moments to love a little more each day. In doing so, you’re co-creating heaven-on-earth on this beautiful planet we call home. 

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