Time is not linear. It’s holographic.

Human consciousness perceives reality as a continuous string of events – from the past, now in the present, then flowing to the direction of the future. We are living in a physical model of reality, so our notion of time is linear. The concept where past, present, and future exist all at once would be unacceptable for a materialistic view. 

In actuality, time does exist simultaneously. This is Quantum Physics. This is supported by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. This is understood beyond the 3D Consciousness. Your past, present, and future timelines exist in the same moment, HERE and NOW, but with different vibrational frequencies. This happens at the quantum level. The only reason we perceive the past as the past and the future as the future is because we have a sense of time. Time doesn’t exist without our perception of it. 

In a non-linear time, there are infinite versions of you, going through different situations and circumstances, making different choices, experiencing different outcomes, and vibrating at different bandwidths of frequencies. You are born with infinite possibilities of who you are and what you can be. 

And that version of you in your ideal parallel reality timeline, who is doing what you love and living the life you desire, already exists. As to how to shift towards your ideal timeline, it’s a matter of vibrational alignment and the choices you make – the thoughts you choose to hold, the emotions you choose to feel, and the actions you choose to do. 

Shifting your timelines

You are shifting your timelines a billion times a day, whether you’re aware of it or not. Your parallel reality shifts when you make a decision when you make a choice with your thoughts, emotions, and actions. You shift as your vibrational frequency rises and drops. Some of them may seem a similar frequency but there is always a subtle difference. Timeline shifts are always happening naturally every moment, and it’s not fiction, it is how reality works. And you are designed to be capable of shifting your parallel reality timeline. 

How to shift your parallel reality into the timeline you prefer? 

Live in the same vibrational frequency of that timeline. Your current thoughts, emotions, and actions should match the thoughts, emotions, and actions of that version of you in your ideal timeline. 

This may not be easy to achieve overnight because of your own belief systems and many other forces that pull you away from your ideal timeline. But you can always do something every day that eventually leads towards the timeline you prefer. Every moment is an opportunity to be the best version of you living your best life. Below are some of the ways you can do every day to quantum shift your reality towards your ideal timeline. 

Get your life off autopilot. And start living every day spontaneously. 

When your brain runs on autopilot, you’re thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same emotions, and doing the same things again and again. This simply means that you are stuck on the same timeline. 

To jump to a different parallel reality timeline, do something different, something that you don’t usually do. This will get your mind off autopilot. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. It could be something so small that is out of your routine, like smiling at yourself in the mirror every day or looking at the sky every morning and thanking the universe for a beautiful day. 

So, try something new. Break out of your routines. There are a lot of random things you can do that stop you from living on autopilot. Spontaneity will naturally open doors to new possibilities, viewpoints, experiences, and growth opportunities. 

How does staying out of “autopilot mode” shift your timeline? 

When you make a choice that is outside your norm, you are shifting your parallel reality. You are no longer that same version of you who does the same thing again and again. 

If you normally browse on social media before bed and one night you decide to read a book instead, you are shifting from that version of you who normally browse on social media to that new version of you who might love reading books. That’s a timeline shift. 

The same goes for your mental habits. When you normally think that a rainy day is a bad day, try to find the beauty of a rainy day. Every time you see new perspectives, you are shifting your timeline. 

If you consistently stay out of autopilot mode and make positive choices every day that create a degree of change, you’ll notice that you are not the same version as you were before. You are shifting your life forever. 

So, choose the thoughts and emotions you want to hold, consciously and wisely, because the vibrational frequency of your thoughts, feelings, and actions decide which timelines you’re on.  You have to go beyond what you normally think, feel, and act to quantum shift your reality. 

Using the “I AM” statement. Declare who and what you want to be right here and now. 

I AM is a mighty phrase. When you declare what version you want to be right here and now without resistance, you will shift your parallel reality instantly. 

For instance, your current version is pissed off or angry, the moment you say to yourself, “ I am calm” with zero resistance to that idea, you instantly jump to that parallel version of you who is calm and collected. 

This technique allows you to be in charge of your thoughts and feelings, to choose which reality you want to be on right at the moment you declare it. This makes you the god of your inner world. 

“I am”, in a biblical term,  is actually interpreted as a self-declaration by Jesus, identifying himself as God. And we are the god of our reality. As the saying goes, “I AM” are two of the most powerful statements. For what you put after them you become.”


So, to shift your current reality towards your ideal timeline, recognize any negative patterns and false beliefs that pop up in your mind or notice the worries and fears that come up, then use the I AM statement. The best version of you holds no fears nor worries. The best version of you holds faith and trust instead. 

Imagine the best version of you. And embody how this version thinks, feels, and acts. 


If you were the best version of you, what would be your dominant thoughts, feelings, and actions? And how can you embody those? 

The best version of you holds ideas and belief patterns different from that of your current version, looks at the world and the reality differently, feels high vibrational emotions, does what you’re passionate about, doesn’t act based on its ego. 


Stepping into this new version of you in a different parallel reality puts you on the same vibrational frequency of your ideal timeline. And if you’re consistent, you’ll start to experience more of what you desire. You’ll start to attract opportunities. Every potential future version of you will naturally bring in the resources you need to actualize it. 


Embodying your best self living your best life in your current reality can be a challenge. Your belief patterns may hold you back. Your mind may subconsciously tell you that “you can’t”. Everything you desire may seem impossible to your 3D mind, but in the quantum field where your past, present, and future happens all at once contain all possibilities and limitless potential.


Start being conscious and mindful of the choices you make every single moment, so that every time your mind decides that you can’t have what you desire, you can consciously stop it. 


Focus only on that best version of you. That’s all you have to do. Zero in your focus on that version means thinking, feeling, and doing something that is in alignment with that version. Any beliefs, thoughts, or feelings that pull you away from that alignment are only distractions. Learn to refocus and unplug from all the collective distractions that are always present out there. 

What Sacred Activations can do?

The timeline you’re on depends on your everyday choices with your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Trauma, belief systems, karmic imprints, and conditioning (collectively referred to as subconscious programs) can impact the choices you’re making. Negative subconscious programs often pull you away from your desired timelines. 

What Sacred Activations can do is to reprogram your subconscious into something that aligns you in your highest good, that aligns with your ideal timeline where you are the best version of yourself living your best life. It is a metaprogramming modality that rewrites removes, and upgrades your subconscious programming, shifting and expanding your vibrational frequency and consciousness. 

The more expansive your consciousness is, the more you are able to master your reality. You know you’re in a different parallel reality when you are able to access new understanding and know that your previous version can’t. You know you’re timeline jumping when you’re opening up to new perspectives. 

Sacred Activations will assist you in shifting into your ideal timeline and staying there by clearing those subconscious programs, including those collective distractions, that pull you away from the version you desire to be. 

Week 8 of The Great Awakening series is about Timeline and Parallel Universes. In this session, you will be clearing traumas, karmic patterns, and unwanted experiences from all your timelines, so you can move forward towards higher timelines where health, abundance, peace, joy, and love will be dominant in your life. 

This session helps you to:

✔ Clear your timelines from unwanted experiences and replace them with incredible and amazing experiences where you are in your full power and embodying your highest potential. 

✔ Merge all aspects of you into HERE and NOW, into the present moment, and feel a sense of being whole and complete.

✔ Understand that everything in life is a choice and every time you make a choice, you are shifting your timeline – this understanding leads you to naturally make a choice and decisions that align to your highest good. 

As you raise your consciousness, you’ve come to realize that your past, present, and future all occur in the NOW, that your NOW is your strongest point of attraction and creative power. NOW is where you can consciously decide which future timelines you wanna go. NOW is where the magic, miracles, and wonders start! 


The Great Awakening
Week 8- Timelines and Parallel Universe

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The Great Awakening

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