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If you could hear your organs, what kind of things do you think they’d be telling you right now?

Talking To Your Organs

A one-of-a-kind Sacred Healing Masterclass to access the wisdom of your body through full-body energetic scanning and intuitive dialogue with your organs.

THIS IS FOR YOU – if you often feel unhealthy, heavy, and blocked; and it’s affecting your productivity, motivation, and drive.

And if you’re already at peak health and feeling fantastic, this process will give you a whole new level of vitality and rejuvenation!


Live Online

February 28

8:00AM PST




Your organs are more than just your biological parts; they’re smaller individual aspects of you with their own distinct consciousness. 

They don’t just do their jobs; they carry a piece of your stories, too!  

Your organs are like archives, storing emotions, memories, and experiences that you’ve lived through. 

They hold information about your beliefs, fears, doubts, and hesitations that have been keeping you small and blocked!

Do you want to communicate with these different parts of your body and allow them to guide you on what you need to RELEASE, HEAL, and CHANGE in your life right now? 

Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer with

Facilitated by TAMRA OVIATT

Powered by Source God Energy

This is NOT an educational talk, NOT a How-To Instructions, NOT a Guided Meditation, NOT a typical Energy Clearing.

This is Source Energy doing the inner work for you.

Take a look at this preview and get a feel for the energy.

In this heart-centered CHANNELED LIVE SESSION, you’re going on a little journey through your whole body and tap into the consciousness of your organs. 

Tamra will run the sacred energy through the entire session to open your intuitive channel, so you’ll be more receptive to the insights and guidance your body has been telling you all along. 

In this space, you have the opportunity to communicate with your organs and clear the stored beliefs and unresolved emotions that are negatively affecting their functioning and well-being. 

What You'll Get

Renew your organs at cell level, most especially your heart, brain, liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, intestines, colon, thyroid eyes, joints, and skin. 

Clear the beliefs and emotions each of these organs are holding. Open your intuitive connection with your organs. This hands-on healing helps ease any organ-specific pain and discomfort.

For Improved immune function, detoxification, pain relief, and inflammation reduction.

Clear, rebalance, and align your energy centers to accelerate your body’s healing. Help you have a more balanced emotional state and mental clarity.

To support emotional release and physical healing, revitalizing your whole body and spirit. 

Your body talks. Listen to what is has to say for you.​

Why Join?

This Masterclass aims to bring results. By taking part in this session, look forward to:

PLEASE NOTE all events facilitated by Tamra Oviatt are channeled events, powered by Source God Energy. What we tell you here is just a 10% overview of the actual magic that you will experience during the LIVE SESSION.

Beautiful Stories

from people who have experienced magical shifts in their lives after receiving Activations

A one-of-a-kind Sacred Healing Masterclass to access the wisdom of your body through full-body energetic scanning and intuitive dialogue with your organs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get as much from the recording as I would have gotten from the live sessions?
ABSOLUTELY. This Sacred Energy transcends time and space. The replay is as powerful and potent as the live session. The energies are embedded into each recording and the results you’ll get from attending the live call are the same results when you watch it through the recording. Many clients also told us that they still listen to the recordings they got 5 or 10 years ago and still experience dramatic shifts.
Is it okay for my young children to join in during the session?
YES. Sacred Activations can't be misused. It's completely safe to receive Activations/Deactivations, regardless of your age and condition. It's an intelligent restorative divine energy and it only supports the highest good of all -- you can call it the Source/God/Universe/Creator of All That Is, and it goes directly to the areas where you need to heal, whether you're aware of them or not. If your children aren't ready to receive the energies, the Activations will not run on them, not until they're ready.
How fast will I experience the results?
As fast as you are ready. Many clients testify that miracles happen to them the next day or a few days after they receive the Activations. The shift is different for everyone -- some notice it right away and some notice it when they realize at some point that their physical health has improved, that their thoughts are becoming more empowering, or that the fear they've carried for so long is gone. Because once you receive the Activations, they will keep shifting and expanding you for days, weeks, even months, working on your beliefs, past conditioning, thought patterns, emotional reactions, consciousness, and vibration. What makes this modality different is that you are not required to do anything. You can keep doing what you usually do as the Activations work behind the scenes. You'll be surprised one day that you'll no longer be living in the same patterns and that your life is getting easier and calmer.

Sacred Activations is a Subconscious Metaprogramming Healing Modality. It’s the EASIEST, FASTEST, and MOST POTENT healing transmission to receive directly from Source Energy (or the zero point field). 

To date, there are over 800 Channeled Energy Activations & Deactivations available.

Each specific Activation and Deactivation helps you:

REWIRE your brain to create new better patterns automatically;

UPGRADE your belief systems and past conditioning at subconscious level;

REWRITE your DNA, Timelines, and Blueprints;

CLEAR Trauma Imprints and Trapped Emotions from your energy bodies;

DISCONNECT you from fear, lack, and disease Collective Consciousness;

STOP you from living on autopilot and become more intentional in your everyday life; AND

EVOLVE into a version of you who is more secure and confident in your ability to manifest and create the life you want.

This is NOT a guided meditation, NOT an affirmation, NOT a how-to instruction, or anything like that!

THIS IS CHANNELED SOURCE ENERGY that’s actually doing the inner work for you.

About the Facilitator

Tamra Oviatt, Founder of Sacred Activations

Energy Healer I Medical Intuitive I Gridworker I Galactic & Multiversal Free Channel I Subconscious Metaprogrammer

Sacred Activations was gifted to her in 2012 at Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, where she received her very first Sacred Geometry Activation from Lord Metatron, along with the Sacred Golden Seals that allow her to facilitate Activations on others.
Tamra Oviatt is a walk-in soul from Arcturus. From the age of three, she had two souls in her body until 2018 when the original soul chose to leave. She is now fully integrated to carry out the sacred work that was gifted to her.

Access this class for as low as $26

Actual Value $300

Get lifetime access to replay plus another 1 future live event when you choose LIVE CLASS & REPLAY

Please consider contributing more. Your generosity allows us to make our events more affordable to everyone in the world.

Just recently, Tamra won The Ommie Award as Best Alternative Healer/Medical Intuitive at OMTimes Media.

Her free weekly healing show, Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer, was picked up by Iheart Radio for podcast. This show is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, and Youtube TV.

She has also been featured on the cover of OMTimes Magazine, had an article published in Kindred Spirit Magazine, and is a regular guest on various spiritual and self-development shows and programs.

Tamra is now an author of 11 training books and a master teacher of 12 Sacred Activations and Akashic Records classes, certifying over 1500 practitioners around the world.


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