Out of The Mind Matrix – The Great Awakening Series


A consciousness-expanding and life-shifting 12- week journey designed to tap into your infinite inner power so you will attract, manifest, and create the life and the world you desire.

Are you seeking to manifest everything you desire?

The Great Awakening
A consciousness-expanding and life-shifting 12- week journey designed to tap into your infinite inner power so you will attract, manifest, and create the life and the world you desire.

Offered by Sacred Activations Founder TAMRA OVIATT
Powered by the Source Energy
Planned and Prepared for six months with the Masters

The Ultimate Master Key to a life of Heaven-on-Earth, The Secret Door to a Golden Age of Peace and Harmony

There is a massive shift in consciousness happening on our planet right now. We, as a planet, are experiencing our Dark Night of the Soul, leaving us confused, lost, and lonely. We are losing our purpose, not knowing where we’re headed. But this will be over soon, I promise.

The matrix is your subconscious programming that carries your belief systems, social construct, childhood conditioning designed to lock away your true power and divine potential as a creator.

And 95% of your life is subconscious programs!

The subconscious mind is like a computer’s hard drive. Imagine if you are just accepting and allowing whatever crap and gunk programs to be downloaded and installed into your subconscious mind, how would that 95% of your life turn out to be?

Living in the matrix is like playing a game.

If you allow the matrix to take charge of your subconscious programming, you’ll become another chess piece, being moved about that way and this way by some stronger influences and outward causes, failing to realize that you are holding the scepter of power within you, that you are a powerful Mover, capable of moving mountains if you so choose.

Now, take a moment to assess your life. Look closely at your present timeline.

Are you winning or losing?
Are you the Chess Player or the Chess Piece?

Look into your physical condition, current finances, the quality of your relationships, your job and career path, your personality traits and attitudes, your everyday mood, your habitual thoughts, and your life circumstances.

Are you genuinely happy and satisfied with what you see?
Then you are winning.

Or do you feel worse upon looking through every aspect of your life?
Dear, you are on the losing side.

Are you living your everyday life in anxiety, desperation, fear, and overwhelm?
Are you struggling with your relationships with your family, life partner, and the people around you?
Are you feeling broke all the time and constantly dealing with financial stress?
Are you stuck in the past dwelling on painful memories and mistakes?
Do you always worry about the future and fixate on negative outcomes?
Do you have low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence, causing you to feel inadequate, depressed, ashamed, angry, or worthless?
Do you feel disconnected and separated from the Universe/Source/God, causing you to feel trapped, alone, and powerless, filled with self-judgment and despair?

All these things that have a negative influence over the way you think, feel, and behave are robbing you of your power.

So if you answer YES to these questions, now is the time for you to wake up and unplug from the matrix, to get your power back, to be as you were born to be – a Creator, a Manifestor, a Mover.

You must take charge of your own subconscious programming. You must consciously choose what programs to receive or not. That 95% subconscious programming that runs your life must move you to the creation of everything you desire. And that remaining 5% must be spent on consciously and intelligently telling your subconscious mind what to create through your power of will and choice.

The key to living in wonders, miracles, and magic does not lie outside of you nor depend on those powerful figures out there. Look within for the answers to your heart’s desires. The Source is inherent in you. You already have the infinite intelligence, infinite power, and infinite supply of everything you need. You just have to realize that and work on that!

Are you ready to get out of the mind matrix?

The Great Awakening is an all-powerful opportunity and a game changer you’ll never find anywhere else offered by Sacred Activations founder Tamra Oviatt to help you live with your heart and get centered in your true power as the conscious creator of your life and as the active participant in the making of this planet’s future.

This weekly series offers an easy, fast, and revolutionary approach to attracting, manifesting, and creating the life you desire through subconscious METAPROGRAMMING using the power of Sacred Activations. This will give your subconscious mind a new direction, a new focus, a new pattern that is constructive, positive, and empowering, so you will naturally make choices and decisions that align to your highest good.

The 12-week journey of The Great Awakening is truly about creating a life of Heaven-on-Earth for yourself and for others around you by healing your heart, clearing all your destructive and negative programs, making you realize that YOU are the power tool you need for creation, and aligning you directly with God Energy.

Throughout the entire series, you will be stripped from all the destructions of the matrix. Tamra journeys with you in your way to:

Getting out of the mind matrix
Connecting deeply to the Divine Source
Cultivating a relationship with your Higher Self
Expanding your consciousness
Increasing your present-moment awareness
Raising your emotional and spiritual vibration
Claiming that you are the creator of your life and your world
Manifesting your dreams and desires more easily
Releasing yourself from self-imposed limitations
Clearing self-defeating and negative subconscious programming
Boosting your resilience against illnesses and diseases
Shifting your timelines towards a series of incredible experiences
Tuning you into your divine potential
Discovering and using your gifts and talents
Making a difference in your life and other people’s lives

Let the Powerful Divine YOU awaken!

How The Great Awakening shifts you

Each week is in and of itself special and potent. You will be in divine space and highest vibration the entire duration of each session. Tamra will be working with and directed by the Source, sending tons of healing energies and expansive frequencies to you through Sacred Activations, clearing all your negative subconscious programming and replacing them with positive ones.

The moment the Sacred Energy touches you, it will start working on you INSTANTLY. Sacred Activations is an intelligent METAPROGRAMMING that works directly on your subconscious mind and it keeps changing, overwriting, and upgrading your subconscious programs in an upward spiral for days, weeks, months, even years, for as long as you need it.

Metaprogramming can change YOU incredibly. It will clear multiple aspects of your life in which you have been limited, blocked, and powerless. The more you clear yourself, the more powerful you become, because you will be releasing those belief systems and conditioning that no longer serve you and that hold you back.

The Great Awakening gets you out from the matrix programs of fear, anger, doubt, and other negative forms of thinking, because how are you going to be a bean of wonderful creation if you are in this place of dense energies? You have to sow a vibration of light, love, and beauty inside of you, so you will reap the same vibration outside of you. This is how the creation of all your desires start!

As everything is made of energy, you will be cleared from the fear-based energy that surrounds your life and replace it with energy that is light, infinite, and rooted in love, leaving you feeling lighter, calmer, and more in control every after session.

Then you’ll begin to notice that you walk through life with grace and ease.

You’ll begin to see a massive shift in your vibrational energy, mindset, and perspective.

What will truly happen every week is way beyond what is being stated here. What you’ve read here is just a 10% overview of the actual magic that you will experience during the sessions. As every session will be powered by The Source, we can’t tell what will truly happen until it is over.

The Great Awakening is so much more than what we can put into words.

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