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Train to become a Sacred Activations Practitioner

Experience our groundbreaking series of comprehensive training, meticulously designed to empower you at every level. Dare to become the catalyst for change and step into your destiny today!

What's included in the Practitioner Training Bundle?​

Foundation Training

Ignite your passion for growth and discovery with Sacred Activations! Schedules for next live classes are within each training description. Just click the class that you are interested in. Previous class recordings are available immediately after purchase.

Practitioners Training Level 1

This level of training certifies you to run Sacred Geometry and Foundation Activations on yourself and others in a one-to-one setting and prepares you for the more advanced levels of practitioner training.

Advance Training

Take your skills to extraordinary heights and become a true catalyst for change. Please note that these classes have pre-requisites. Learn more within each description when you click the class that you are interested in.

Master Practitioner and Mastering the Masters Levels 2 and 3

PRE-REQUISITE: Practitioners Training Level 1

This is an in-depth and intensive 6-day online training that includes Tamra’s channeled teachings, higher dimensional process, access to thousands of energy codes, stacking multiple Activations, and experience multiple practice group healing facilitations. 

Medical Intuitive and Master Medical Intuitive Level 4

PRE-REQUISITE: Practitioners Training Level 1

This training certifies you to perform advanced intuitive healing with Sacred Activations in your work as an intuitive healer and help your clients discover deeper root causes of their physical ailments and concerns. 

Earth Mastery Level 5

PRE-REQUISITE: Practitioners Training Level 1

Mastering earth energies to serve the healing and ascension of the planet. This is for Practitioners who would like to advance their skills and abilities in working with planetary consciousness, ley lines, grid systems, Earth chakras, and collective belief systems.

Other Advance Training

These are the new Practitioners Training offered

Timelines and Parallel Universes Training

PRE-REQUISITE: Practitioners Training Level 1

This training is a groundbreaking multi-dimensional healing process that you’ll never find in any other classes and training courses.  In this training, you will be looking into your past and future life programs and parallel realities to create breathtaking, grand positive changes in your present life. 

Multiverse Blueprint Training

PRE-REQUISITE: Mastering the Masters-Level 3

Unleash your true mastery with our game-changing 2-DAY IMMERSIVE TRAINING exclusively designed for Master Practitioners. It’s time to transcend the boundaries of the known universe. Elevate your practice, redefine your reality, and become a true cosmic force. 

VIP Membership

Get one year free access to all the webinars and activations in your dashboard

✔️550+ Healing Transmissions & Subconscious Clearings (Value: $20,000) MP3s and MP4s 
Receive at your convenience. 

✔️1000+ Minutes of Masterclass Healing Sessions (Value: $5000)
Include 2023 Energy Clearings & Upgrades:

  • Physical Boundary Trauma
  • Life Review 
  • Overwhelm & Mental Health
  • Food Beliefs
  • Heaven & Hell
  • Vagus Nerve 
  • Manifestation
  • Nanobyte Technology 
  • Age Reversal
  • Intuitive Abilities
  • Animal Healing
  • Disconnect From Disease Consciousness
  • Relationship Healing

✔️ 6 Power Webinar Series 
Intensive Weekly Sessions (worth over $2000)

  • The Great Awakening 12-week Series
  • Money Blueprint 4-week Series
  • The Ultimate Chakra Healing Series – based on Caroline Myss’s Chakra Energy System
  • Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love 12-week Series
  • Empowered Healers 6-week Series
  • Conscious Creation 10-week Series

✔️ 10 FREE ACCESS to Upcoming Webinar/Masterclass Sessions  (Value: $260)



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  • BONUS: Get free 1 year VIP Membership subscription
    VALUE: $30,000

    VALUE: $22,000


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Purchase all the Practitioners Training

  • BONUS: Get free 1 year VIP Membership subscription
    VALUE: $30,000

    VALUE: $22,000


Total $7,971

*Monthly plans are subject to 10% increase

Advance Training Not Included in the Bundle

Past Life Regression and Between Life Hypnosis Training

PRE-REQUISITE: Practitioners Training Level 1

This CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER TRAINING is offered to help you and your clients make major shifts and upgrades in different areas in your life where you feel trapped, unfulfilled, or stagnant by clearing past-life influences, shifting your timelines, and working with archetypal energies.

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