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Life Review and Past Life Regression Hypnosis

$500.00 available on subscription from $92.00 / month for 6 months

A 2-Day Immersive Training for All Sacred Activations Practitioners

All monthly plans have additional 10% charge
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DAY 1 – Past Life Regression

This is a Hypnosis Class . You’re going to use a hypnosis script to access and explore past lifetimes while running sacred energies throughout the whole process. This is another tool you can use together with Sacred Activations to bring about healing, self-awareness, and positive changes in your current life or your clients’ lives.

This tool aims to address unresolved issues, heal emotional wounds, and uncover the root causes of certain fears, phobias, and patterns. This also promotes self-reflection, self-discovery, and personal growth by gaining insights into the soul’s journey, karmic lessons, and the interconnectedness of lives across time.

By the end of this session, you will be able to use this process in your healing session with your clients to provide them with a more comprehensive approach to healing and wellness.

DAY 2 – Near-Death Experiences

You’ve heard stories of profound awakening and transformation from people who survived a Near Death Experience (NDE).

They’ve come back with expanded awareness, heightened intuition and insight, access to their gifts and potential, emotional breakthroughs, deeper connection to the Divine, instant mind-body healing, and renewed sense of purpose.

In this training, Tamra will run the sacred energies while guiding you in an out-of-body experience, where you can experience a state similar to a Near-Death Experience (NDE) without actually coming close to death or going through life-threatening circumstances.

This tool helps you and your clients experience the same major awakenings and breathtaking life transformations,  just like what near-death survivors have experienced when they came back.

While transformations are highly subjective experiences, these are some of the significant changes that you can expect to happen in your life and your clients’ lives when incorporating this process in your healing session.

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