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Medical Intuitive and Master Medical Intuitive Training

Original price was: $2,200.00.Current price is: $1,984.00. available on subscription from $347.00 / month for 6 months

For Practitioners who would like to fine-tune their existing skills in intuitive healing, expand their psychic abilities, and deepen their intuitive connection and experience. In this training, you will learn groundbreaking tools and processes with Sacred Activations to bring holistic health and wellbeing to yourself and to your clients.

All monthly plans have an additional 10% charge.
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Course Description

Tamra Oviatt offers students the opportunity to become Medical Intuitive practitioners. This practitioner course is offered in a pre-recorded, online format that allows you to take it in the convenient comfort of your own home at a pace that accommodates your lifestyle and learning style.

To take this course, you will be watching a series of video replays from the previous 5-day online training. This includes Tamra’s teachings and processes, guided meditation, practice sessions with the participants, and portions where participants share their experiences and ask their questions.

This pre-recorded course provides you with healing techniques that allow you to feel, sense, or see the deeper cause of medical issues.

Activations included but not limited to:

√ Shamans Belief
√ Healer’s Power
√ Healers who Suffer
√ Suffering to be Close to God
√ Disconnect from Disease Consciousness
√ Free your Genetics
√ Healthy Boundaries
√ Godspeed
√ Alchemy to the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Dimension
√ Pillar of Light
√ Defragmentation and Laser Focus
√ Upgrade your Nervous System
√ Book of the Dead
√ Heaven’s Gate
√ Get Out of the Hell Free Card – NEW ACTIVATION
√ Dying to Live – NEW ACTIVATION

You will also receive new codes:
√ Universal Laws of Awakening
√ Universal Codes of Healing
√ Universal Telepathy
√ Universal Codes of Oneness
√ Universal Law of Abundance
√ Freedom from Planetary Diseases

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