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Unlock your Subconscious Power

Take control of what you want to create in your life

95 % of your life is run and created by your subconscious programming. This includes your belief systems, mental constructs, and social conditioning.

Imagine your life when you can target and control your subconscious programs to manifest and create your desires.

Here is one of Tamra's webinar, where she discussed about how our subconscious belief affects us.

What Makes Sacred Activations Different?

Easy, fast, and very potent process to reprogram your subconscious mind

Sacred Activations are metaprograms that delete, correct, overwrite, and upgrade your existing belief systems and mental constructs. 

Tamra will use the power of Sacred Activations to delete your negative subconscious beliefs and replace them with new empowering core beliefs that will automatically direct your subconscious programming to WORK FOR YOU, and NOT AGAINST YOU. 

Once you receive these energies, they will shift you as fast as you are ready to and will keep shifting you and working on your subconscious programming for days, weeks, even months. There’s no protocol to it. You only have to DO YOU. 

This isn’t something you have to listen to 21 days in a row. You listen to it once and it profoundly starts shifting you – your DNA, your vibration, your beliefs and perceptions, your consciousness, your whole life.

Disconnect you from the fear-based collective mentality

We’re a collective consciousness. This means that we are all connected through energy. 

Tamra will UNPLUG you from the collective consciousness of fear, anger, anxiety, suffering, lack, limitation, and separation that are huge in the world right now. 

Because when you plug and spend most of your time into these negative stuff, you are feeding your creative energy to these stuff and you consequently making them more powerful. Sacred Activations help you become aware of these fear-based perceptions, so you can consciously choose not to engage with them and remove them from your experience. 

When you’re no longer running these fear-based programs in your consciousness and subconsciousness, you start to bring in peace and joy within you. When you’re in that peace and joy, you no longer fear your future or the future of our world. 

Instead, you get excited about the future and its infinite possibilities. Your life becomes lighter. Manifestations become easier. Opportunities keep coming. And you’ll have more magical experiences. 

Because when peace and joy are within you, what brings you peace and joy is automatically attracted to you. 

Become the creator of your life and a co-creator of a better world

We are now living in the 5th Dimensional Consciousness where we are creating our reality faster than we can imagine. This means that when you rewire your brain and change your subconscious beliefs into alignment with everything you desire, you will become a powerful creator of your life in this new paradigm. 

And as you shift, so does everything and everyone around you. You don’t need to worry about waking up the masses, you only need to wake up yourself to create a positive change in the lives of many. 

By working on yourself and inviting peace, joy, love, and happiness into your life, you are already a part of the critical mass that will bring a HUGE POSITIVE SHIFT on a global scale. This is how we can create a state of Heaven-on-Earth on our planet– it starts from within and then it ripples out to the world. 

And this is why Tamra is here for you, to help you shift by rewiring your brain and changing your subconscious programming, so you can take back your power and remember who you truly are — a creator of your life and your world. 

When you’re in peace, what brings you peace is automatically attracted to you, because that’s where your focus is. It’s not going to be like, “God, bring me joy. “ It’s like, “I am joy and then joy happens."

Choose Your First Step Towards Transformation

It’s time to rewrite your story. Take the first step to becoming an unstoppable, unafraid, powerful creator of your life. The source energy won’t let you down.

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Join Tamra on Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer

Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer is a weekly show hosted by Tamra Oviatt where you can receive healing energies, support, and empowerment. You can also experience different processes and learn different techniques and tools to further help you heal, expand, and manifest the life you want.

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