Question and Answer about Practitioners Training

 Success stories  of some Sacred Activations Practitioners/Teachers.

Amanda, Sacred Activations Master Practitioner/Teacher

“I had a client who was two hours away from dying. He was in hospital and the doctor rang me and said, ‘Can you run on my patient?’ I simply ran three Activations, thinking that I was helping this person pass. I got a phone call in the morning from his wife saying that he’ll be going home next week.” 

Maria Teresa, Sacred Activations Master Practitioner/Teacher

“I was a TV commercial model, an actress, and a singer. And had Bulimia, I had that pressure to be very pretty. When I got into Sacred Activations, I was able to release that food addiction. I was able to start loving myself because I had a tremendous self-loathing. When I became a practitioner, I won in a TV show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire. When I taught a Sacred Activations Level 1 class, a month after, I won a car. I feel so lucky everytime I take a class and teach a class.”

Sara, Sacred Activations Master Practitioner/Teacher

“I was playing one Activation called Be Your Own Healer and Tamra said, ‘Who says you can’t be your own healer?’ and all of a sudden, my face is crying…I have so many testimonies for Sacred Activations and how they’ve instantly shifted my life. So I started becoming a practitioner and did it through recordings. In the beginning, I felt it as a little bit of energy and then I listened to the rest, and my whole world shifted. It opened up my own psychic gifts, opened my abilities in reading and understanding the energies around us.” 

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Discussion about how Sacred Activations Started  and Success Stories from Teachers of Sacred Activations.

Question and Answer about Practitioners Training. Tamra ran Labels and Boxes, Lord Metatron and Victim/Victimizer. 

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How working for Sacred Activations has made a huge difference in my team’s life

I met Tamra around June 2020. Since it was pandemic, my employer was barely giving me work hours and it was really tough financially. I received an email of a job offer, I jumped on a call with them the following day and I was hired. It was Mike and Tamra.

Then when I started working for her, I freaked out a bit. Everything was weird for me. I was those typical church girls, leading hundreds of people in church. I almost even planned to become a missionary, but few months before I met Tamra, I kept my mind open to everyone’s belief. I was in the stage of thinking what should I really believe in? I followed everything and helped so many, but life have always been heavy for me. It felt like I have been stuck and I wasn’t happy. Nothing that I did feel like I would succeed. This was my mind set “I must work, I have to help my parents, I have to keep pushing”, even to the point of barely sleeping.

And so, I kept an open mind and listened to the videos I was editing for Tamra, well I really didn’t have much choice I have to listen or I won’t be able to edit it properly. I realized then that my life and belief systems started to shift. I listened and it felt like what she was teaching speaks a lot to me regarding all my confusions in life. After just 3 months of working for her I was able to buy a land, which I never thought I could.

I continued working for her, got to know her and what a big heart she has for everyone. I had other job offers with bigger offers coming from left to right, but I decided to stay with her. I stayed, because I want to help her reach more people. And as I do that and listened to what she teaches my life and even my family changed a lot. It specially shifted more financially after me and my sister joined The Art of Manifestation class from The Great Awakening Series. That was May 2022 if I am not mistaken. My investment now helps me earn 20x more. This is a big thing for me. From chasing money to witnessing magic happening to my life and my family. Life just became so much easier. From feeling not worthy to feeling so worthy. From working hard for money to money comes naturally. What a magical life it has been since I started working for Tamra. I am forever grateful that I met her.

I don’t need the job anymore, but I chose to stay because I don’t want to miss a thing of whatever it is she is teaching. It is the real deal and I want to keep helping her reach out more people. My life was changed, I know there are so much more out there that need these.

If your life changed, don’t keep it to yourself. People need to hear this; you could be that vehicle they need for that change to happen in their lives too. It’s always good to pay it forward.

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