Conscious Creation - Week 11 - Divine Order Masterclass


Divine Order Master Class is about Oneness – the oneness within you. When you no longer seek outside of yourself for anything or anyone. Divine order is knowing you are everything and everything is perfect. Everything flows, it is your true essence.

You came here to experience Divine order, to you be you and to be whole, in the oneness of the divine that you are. Free of all the programs that desire to enter your space to control and destroy you. Divine order is about being in a place of love, presence and acceptance.

Activations/Deactivations Included but not limited to;

  • Router Rooter of Emotions and Illusions.

  • Tree of life

  • You within You

  • Octarian Laser light

  • Alchemy 3rd through 10th

  • Meridian Alignment

  • Dualism and Activism

  • Flow of Divine Order

  • You are a Temple

  • Spherical Expansion

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