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Conscious Creation – Week 01 – Labels and Boxes Masterclass



  • Break out of your self- constructed boxes and limits.
  • Remove hurtful labels that others have assigned to you (or labels you attached to yourself. )
  • Upgrade your self- concept.

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Get out of the box!
Remove the labels that limit your potential.

This session offers you: 

Rewriting your Self-Concept — Helps you see yourself in a new light. Become less self-critical. Clears any self-images that no longer reflect your truth. 

This removes the labels, tags, and roles that have been attached to you (about who and what you’re supposed to be and how you’re supposed to show up). 

Stops you from defining yourself by your profession, relationship roles, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, cultural background, religious affiliation, past mistakes and failures, or lifestyle choices. 

Discreating Negative Mental “Gravity Belief System” – Helps you develop a “can-do attitude” and feel more capable to succeed. 

This resets your mindset that makes it difficult for you to achieve your goals, rise and sustain your success. Clears the core belief that progress is inherently difficult and slow and that success is limited and competitive, with only a few spots available at the top. Clearing gravity beliefs from your bloodline and timelines. 

Guided Meditation: Bringing in Peace, Love, Joy, Health, and Abundance.

This is week 1 of the 12-week Conscious Creation series.  It is possible to watch this week alone OR why not watch the whole 12 sessions as a bundle?

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