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Tip the Scale: Week Two

Lack and Limitation & Mind Control

In this session, Tamra will help you refocus from feeling limited and trapped to feeling adequate and capable.

You will also free your mind from the control of the matrix that has kept you in fear, lack and limitation. This will help get you out of your head space and into your heart space!

  • Feel less anxiety about the future.
  • Shed scarcity mindset.
  • Reframe your negative thinking.
  • Lessen your fears.
  • Set healthy boundaries to protect your mental health.

Minimum price: $26.00

This session will offer:

 Deep Subconscious & Energy Work: This will change your fear-based beliefs automatically into more empowering ones. Rewire your brain for positivity, so you will focus more on what uplifts you, rather than on what weighs you down.

This will increase your motivation to create more joy in your life!

Here are some of the energy Activations and Deactivations that you will receive:

  • Lack and Limitation 
  • Fear of the Future
  • Fear of Losing It All
  • Fear of Success
  • Panic Attacks
  • Victim/Victimizer: Break free from victim mindset
  • Polar Opposites: Reframe your negative thoughts
  • Hooks and Cords Clearing: Cut negative energetic attachments
  • Not Your Doormat: Reject anything less than you deserve.
  • Clear Oaths, Vows, Agreements, and Contracts to Suffering and Sacrifice
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