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Tip the Scale: Week Three

Diseases, Aging, and Death

In this session, Tamra will help you overcome your fear of death and fear of disease, so you can live more fully and anxiety-free.

This will also help you become more compassionate towards your body. You will overcome your negative body image and develop a new relationship with your body rooted in love and appreciation!

  • Overcome fixated thoughts about death.
  • Relieve your anxiety about your health.
  • Ease body dissatisfaction.
  • Cultivate positive body image.
  • Focus more on the good in life!

Minimum price: $26.00

This session will offer:

 Deep Subconscious & Energy Work: This will clear any health-related anxiety and fear of death. Help you create a wellness-focused mind and body and incorporate self-care into your life.

✦ Hands-on Healing and Organ Rejuvenation: Heals and renews your organs at cell level.  This clears organ-specific pain and illnesses.

✦ Fruit of Life Guided Meditation: You will feel more grounded, rejuvenated, and balanced by listening to this Guided Meditation. Opens and lights up your 13 Chakras. Brings in compassion, love, and gratitude for your body. Increase your capacity to feel love towards yourself!

Here are some of the energy Activations and Deactivations that you will receive:

  • Age Reversal – Slow down aging.
  • Book of the Dead –  Let go of the fear of death.
  • Tree of Life/Moses Code: Achieve a state of flow and claim your creative power.
  • Disconnect from Disease Consciousness
  • Anger and Resentment towards your body
  • Stem Cells and Collagens Activation


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