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Tip the Scale: Week One

Past Incarnations & 0-7 Early Childhood Programming

In this session, Tamra will help you break free from childhood conditioning and inner child wounds that cause self-sabotage.

You will also unpack the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying for years. Including those unresolved emotional issues, stressors, pain, and difficulties you’ve experienced as a child.

  • Heal abandonment fears.
  • Recover from childhood emotional neglect.
  • Overcome low self-esteem and feel better about yourself.
  • Identify and meet your core needs and feelings.
  • Find more emotional balance in your everyday life!

Minimum price: $26.00

This session will offer:

 Deep Subconscious & Energy Work: This will heal the childhood wounds that have impacted your adult life and relationships.

How can this process help you?

  • Make your relationship better.
  • Replace destructive behaviors with healthy coping strategies.
  • Have better emotional regulation.
  • Gain freedom from the past.

Here are some of the energy Activations and Deactivations that you will receive:

  • 0-7 : Clear early childhood programming
  • Grief and Sorrow Deactivation
  • Rage Deactivation
  • Overwhelm
  • Abandonment
  • Feeling Like You Have Zero Control


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