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The Abbey House in Glastonbury


Wednesday 19th June: Sacred Geometry Activations.
Tamra will introduce Sacred Activations and how this Healing Modality changes hundreds
of your belief systems. Join Tamra and receive activations from the Sacred Geometry category.
What ARE Sacred Geometry Activations? They open your intuitional gifts, here are some examples of the benefits of activating your Sacred Gemoetry with Sacred Activations:

Lord Metatron: Bringing Sacred Geometric codes into your Tetrahedron to activate your 18 stands of DNA. This will increase your connection to higher consciousness.

Tree of Life: Repair and activate the pathways and light up the power points of the Tree of Life in your energy field, freeing your creative spirit and igniting your divine spark.

Flower of Life: Connecting you to Christ Consciousness of the 5th Dimension, enabling you to manifest more easily and quickly. Create miracles in your life through your manifestations and creations.

Clearing Your Fear: Removing negative belief systems of any fear of the future you may have.

Anger and Resentment: Clearing your anger and resentment towards the system, helping you come into your full power.

Payment: GBP 20 at the Door or USD 25 on the website.
There is limited seating so we suggest you book online early to secure your seat.
You can attend this class online or in person.

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