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Starseeds & Walk-ins Healing Masterclass

In this high-frequency Masterclass, Tamra Oviatt will help you, starseeds and walk-ins, to feel MORE BALANCED, WHOLE, and FULFILLED in your lives on Earth.

Moving you from feeling alone, out of place, and misunderstood to feeling accepted, supported, and loved. Allowing yourself to find a sense of belonging in a like-hearted community!

  • Become more present in your body.
  • Feel at home in your tribe.
  • Connect more deeply to your star origins.
  • Master your power and yourself.
  • Live your soul purpose.


This Masterclass is also beneficial for those who may not identify with starseeds and walk-ins BUT STRUGGLE TO FIND THEIR PLACE IN THE WORLD.

Minimum price: $26.00

Why join?

In this session, you will RECEIVE HEALING ENERGY ACTIVATIONS AND DEACTIVATIONS that will radically shift the way you navigate the 3D World.

You will naturally begin to lead a MORE INTENTIONAL, MORE GROUNDED, MORE INTEGRATED LIFE. While deepening your soul connections to 5D and beyond!

This session will help you:

  • Feel more grounded and present in your body.
  • Allow yourself to feel seen, supported, and understood.
  • Attract your soul tribe and feel at home with like-hearted people.
  • Become more confident in your ability to heal and inspire the planet.
  • Show up authentically and  fearlessly!

As a starseed or walk-in, this session will help you integrate your Higher Self, your unique energies, and your soul purpose into the now – your current, everyday life.

This healing session is a game changer for you who:

  • Question who you are, what you truly value, and where you fit in this world.
  • Feel disconnected, alone, and out of place.
  • Feel like something is missing.
  • Struggle to be present in your body.
  • Try to find meaning and purpose in life.
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