The Great Awakening – Heaven On Earth


Being able to be all, being connected to all, and fully in our power. Being a play full out here on planet earth to create peace love, joy, happiness, and abundance for all.

The Great Awakening WEEK 12: Heaven on Earth

Now it’s time for you to embody the wisdom, realizations, and new perspectives you have received from all those weeks the God Energy has been working on you. This is about allowing the flow of the divine energy to move through you, bringing the knowledge and awareness into your heart, into your soul, into your physical body.

This session helps you to:
Open yourself up to a new level of awareness and new level of experience, shifting the way you look through yourself, through the world around you, through life.
✔ Start living your realizations and owning the gifts and power that you’ve discovered.
✔ Attain an increasing sense of lightheartedness on which joy and happiness are the ground state, feeling much more at ease in life.
✔ Be in total Oneness with the Source – mind, body, and soul.

Tamra will wrap up this session with a magical guided meditation that raises your emotional and spiritual vibration to manifest your best life and attract experiences that match your heart’s desires – this will bring in your power, your energy, your balance.

During the integration, some may experience a huge shift right away and some may notice subtle changes that compound over time. But integration is a work of a lifetime. Through this awakening and integration process, you will never be the same. Something has changed forever. You will become a new YOU – powerful, divine, and ready for life.

Activations Included

Heaven on Earth
Garden of Eden
Temple of God
Power of God

Every session is equally powerful and works on different aspects of you.
You don’t want to miss out the clearing, magic, and shift you’ll experience for each week!

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