The Great Awakening – Cosmic Birth Right


Clearing your original blueprint bringing in a new upgraded divine blueprint programming your future for success

The Great Awakening WEEK 9: Cosmic Birthright

In the precise moment when we first incarnate on this Earth, each of us is given with a Divine Blueprint – a divine life plan that holds our soul purpose. Your blueprint carries your past life experiences in different timelines, your soul gifts and heart’s true desires, your karmic life issues to resolve, all the information on what experiences and lessons you came into this world for.

This blueprint is held in your DNA and comes with many different programs. But we can choose which programs to install and which ones to delete.

This session helps you to:
✔ Clear unwanted programs from your original blueprint and bring in new upgraded Divine Blueprint programs, making you more in control of your life experiences and subconscious programming.
✔ Program your future timelines for success and expand your divine potential.
✔ Oversee and take charge of your DNA, so that no one and nothing can program you without your permission.
✔ To claim your cosmic birthright of owning your power and using it to become the architect of your own future and manifest your truest, best life.

Tamra will wrap up this session with a magical guided meditation that raises your emotional and spiritual vibration to manifest your best life and attract experiences that match your heart’s desires – this will bring in your power, your energy, your balance.

When you are more in control of the programs that come in and come out from your human biocomputer, it becomes easy for you to live your life on your own terms and be in sync with the universal flow.

Activation Included:
Universal Life Grid

This creates a protective grid of light around your body, shielding you from radiation, sound waves, chemical trails, pathogens, and other pollutants that shut down the pineal gland and Kundalini energy. Life’s Grid is also very beneficial for empaths, protecting them from unwanted thoughts and emotions that emanate from other people giving you greater control over your own energy.

Every session is equally powerful and works on different aspects of you.
You don’t want to miss out the clearing, magic, and shift you’ll experience for each week!

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