The Great Awakening – Archetypal Energy


Bring in the programs of your archetypal energy in your power in those programs that already exist for you to plug in and have this knowledge instantly.

The Great Awakening WEEK 11: Archetypal Energy

Archetypal energy is always affecting us as it is an active part of our consciousness. These universal energies are programs of behavior or patterns of energy that influence our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, represented by figures with definable qualities that allow us to explore and understand ourselves more deeply.

This will also program your future by connecting to archetypal energies – bringing in your future gifts, future understanding, and future knowledge.

This session helps you to:
✔ Connect and work with your archetypes to bring in your long-forgotten gifts and power buried within your unconscious.
✔ Achieve self-mastery through the characteristics of your archetypes, integrating parts of yourself that you never knew existed.
✔ Embrace self-love and self-acceptance as you discover new unknown parts of yourself.

Tamra will wrap up this session with a magical guided meditation that raises your emotional and spiritual vibration to manifest your best life and attract experiences that match your heart’s desires – this will bring in your power, your energy, your balance.

Working with your archetypes guides you on a spiritual journey to understand your universal energy system. This enables you to rise to higher levels of awareness, where you can transcend your limitations, bring in deep insight, and shine a clear light on your gifts.

So, what archetypes seem to play a role in your life?

Activation Included

Heaven on Earth
This activation releases oaths made to suffer for those who came before you. Many empathic people carry the pain of the planet and of our ancestors. This activation releases all of those.

Every session is equally powerful and works on different aspects of you.
You don’t want to miss out the clearing, magic, and shift you’ll experience for each week!

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