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Nanobyte Technology Webinar Package



  • Detox your Lymphatic System to boost immunity. 
  • Maintain normal blood pressure. 
  • Develop a positive body image.
  • Live intentionally!

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This session offers you 6 Power Activations to boost your body, mind, and soul wellness. Each Activation is recorded separately. Listen to each of them at your own convenience.

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This session offers you: 

Arcturian Nanobyte Technology

Anytime your body feels heavy, tired, and unwell, this Activation instantly works wonders for you. 

This will clear blockages, buildups, and stagnations anywhere in your body and facilitate optimum energy flow throughout your energy systems. Help you heal on a cellular, atomic level. This also helps reprogram your cells with high-vibrational frequencies. 

This is a very powerful light code and healing frequency from Arcturians. 

Dying To Live

This Deactivation will drive you to live a full, passionate, and deeply meaningful life, without a near-death experience as a wake-up call. 

This rewires your brain to value your life and live more intentionally. 

Soul in Balance

If you’re feeling as if there’s a hole in your heart or if there’s something missing but you can’t quite figure out what, this Activation helps you feel whole, complete, and balanced from within. 

Body Hate and Blame 

This Deactivation heals all your body issues and allows you to love, honor, and respect your body the way it deserves. This helps you develop a positive body image. Makes you feel more compassionate with your body. 

Blood Pressure & Heart Health

As the name suggests, this Activation helps you maintain normal blood pressure and keep your heart healthy. This clears any negative beliefs or stuck emotions associated with blood pressure and heart health. 

Lymph System Activation

Activating the lymphatic system can have several benefits, including improved immune function, enhanced detoxification, reduced swelling and inflammation, and better overall tissue health.

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