Nano Byte Technology Webinar


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Each Activation is recorded separately so you can listen to each of them at your convenience. 


Nanobyte Technology
This Activation is given by the Arcturians and it works like the game of PacMan where it goes through your body and energy systems, clearing away everything that is not supporting your overall health and well-being. Think of an automatic vacuum that goes around the house cleaning up all the dirt from the floors, upholstery, and other surfaces. This Activation does the same. 

Dying to Live
Some people have come to the part where they experience a near-death experience (NDE) before they get the power and the will to live fully. This Activation brings in the desire to live a full, passionate, and deeply meaningful life without the experience of nearly dying. You don’t need to have a near-death experience before living life to the fullest without regrets. 

Soul in Balance
The soul becomes “off”, fragmented, or scattered when we have gone through painful experiences and we leave that part of ourselves in that timeline. This Activation heals and integrates your soul pieces back into your energy body and brings your soul  back to wholeness and balance. If you’re feeling as if there’s a hole in your heart or if there’s something missing but you can’t quite figure out what, this Activation can greatly help you. 

Body Hate and Blame
Do you hate your body and blame it for feeling less confident? Are you ashamed of it? This Activation clears all your body issues and allows you to love, honor, and respect your body the way it deserves. This energy brings in self-compassion toward your body and helps you develop a positive body image. 

Blood Pressure and Heart Health
As the name suggests, this Activation helps you maintain normal blood pressure and keep your heart healthy. This clears any negative beliefs or stuck emotions associated with blood pressure and heart health. 

Lymph System
Your lymphatic system is your body’ sewerage system. It is important to clear them out from any blockages and toxins to keep your body balanced and healthy. This Activation upgrades and balances your lymph system for their optimal functioning and helps promote a healthy flow of lymph fluids around your bod

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